Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom All Characters’ Official Artworks, Information, and Speculations

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom All Characters' Official Artworks

With the final pre-launch trailer out, Nintendo is releasing all the remaining artworks they have in store. Though the full roster of characters in the game remains a mystery, four more art pieces have arrived. So, we have decided to make a compilation of all the known artworks for you to feast your eyes to your heart’s content. Thus, there will be interesting information and speculations included to keep your mind busy until May 12.

The first stop, of course, is Link, the legendary champion of Hyrule. The latest trailer on April 14 has reinforced the theory that quite some time has passed ever since Link was separated from Zelda. This is further evidenced by the aging of allies such as Riju and Tulin. If the theory proves true, then BotW Link will be the first one to cross the threshold of 17 years old.

Asides from that, we now know the reason for Link arm’s transformation. He was attacked by the Blight. It’s unclear whether he amputated the affected limb and grew a new one with Zonai magic or if the magic is merely containing the Blight’s spread. In any case, the new arm gives Link a brand-new arsenal to utilize, and it’s lit.


Not much is known about Zelda as of now. Luckily, the last princess of Hyrule is still alive. And she seems to have embraced her role as a goddess’s reincarnation.

It is unclear where she is at the moment, hence the “Link, you must find me” in the trailer. However, devoted fans have managed to make an approximate guess that she might be in the Temple of Time. But here’s the twist: it appears that the princess has been transported back in time and is now accompanied by an enigmatic creature, which could potentially be the Zonai’s leader. If time traveling will be present in TotK, it is possible that the two individuals depicted on the tapestry in BotW are not an ancient, unknown Zelda and Link, but rather they are the current BotW Zelda and Link themselves. Thus, it may answer the question about the potential loop that Nintendo has been hinting about all this time.

Additionally, the patterns on her face and the dress she wears resemble the mysterious maiden, who could potentially be Hylia or the princess from 10,000 years ago. Or, maybe that’s Zelda’s final form.

But, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.


“The Return of the King.”

Ganondorf, the holder of the Triforce piece of Power, has been stirring the Internet ever since he appeared. His design exudes power and malice, yet is not less charismatic, and it goes perfectly with his character.

In the Japanese official art, it’s written: “He was a man who is only born once every 100 years in the Gerudo tribe, which is dominated by women. It seems to have something to do with the natural disaster that struck Hyrule…”

We are aware that Ganondorf has been sealed under Hyrule’s castle for who knows how long. All the bosses we’ve defeated in BotW are merely a fraction of his power. And honestly, now looking at his official art, Zelda’s concern toward Link: “I’m not sure you’ll be able to stop him,” has never rung any truer.

It would be fantastic if Nintendo could shed more light on the Gerudo king’s destiny and how he became who he is now. After all, everyone adores a villain with a compelling backstory. What if Ganondorf had once been a hero of his people, but the curse of Demise had corrupted him into his current state?


The young Gerudo chief of the Gerudo has grown up. While still retaining her youthful traits, Riju has matured into a fierce yet graceful warrior. Unlike in BotW, her aura is imbued with glowing confidence as she wields the iconic weapons of her tribe. And if you’ve watched the trailer, you have certainly been mesmerized by her exquisite battle prowess.


And here comes our Zora prince, Sidon. He’s one of the main talks of the town in the Zelda community right now. Not only do we witness his valiant combat alongside us, but also his peculiar choice of adornments. Upon viewing the latest trailer, one cannot help but notice that the official art portrays him wearing a smaller, princely crown instead of the regal crown of King Dorephan as in the three-minute video. What event has occurred that would necessitate his ascension to the throne? And what fate has befallen his father, King Dorephan?


Another curious tale. Do you recall Tulin from BotW, once a mere fledgling? The Rito has since matured and now stands prepared to assist Link in his endeavor to rescue the world. Proficient with a bow, he proves a valuable comrade. But as with Sidon, what has happened to Tulin’s father, Teba, that his son must shoulder the burden of combat?


What about the Goron? You may ask. Where is Yunobo? is also a popular question in the Zelda community as of now. We do see the representative of Gerudo, Zora, and Rito. But aside from an unknown Goron in the trailer standing among other civilians, there has yet to be any information about the mighty rock-eaters.


Here comes a new type of enemy. Known as the Constructs, these adversaries can be found exclusively on the Sky Islands. They can use a wide range of weapons: from tree branches to more conventional ones, and even Fused weapons.

The Constructs come in various sizes and forms, and it is obvious that they are linked to the technology of the Zonai civilization. After all, when defeated, they even drop the Zonai’s charge.

Behold, our familiar foes from BotW with an astounding increase in size. Little needs to be said about them at this point, except that they have acquired some new tricks up their sleeves. One of them is joining forces with a Talus like a Transformer. Without a doubt, they have definitely evolved, guys!

And, finally, the Master Sword. Everything around it is still shrouded in mystery. One of the most unnerving moments we have witnessed is when the Blight rapidly ate up Link’s arm, even while he was holding the Master Sword.

Perhaps it was when the sword took such lasting damage. But it’s mind-boggling to fathom the extent of Ganondorf’s power. How great is it exactly that it can easily destroy the legendary Blade of Evil’s Bane?

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