Indie Prize USA 2015: Everything We Know about the Showcase

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Indie Prizes USA 2015

In the ever-evolving gaming world, the indie sector has stood its ground. Despite being dwarfed by colossal AAA developers regarding budgets and marketing capabilities, indie games continue to captivate audiences with their unique offerings, innovative concepts, and intricate narratives. Indie Prize, conversely, ensured that these projects’ developers received well-deserved support. Various sponsors supported this idea, such as Unity, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon, and Coronalabs.

In this article, we’ll venture into six remarkable indie games: 

These titles, though distinct in their own ways, share one common trait — the ability to captivate players in their unique universes.

Armello: A Grand Strategy Board Game

Armello, developed by League of Geeks, combines elements of RPGs, strategy, and board games in a vibrant, digital fantasy world. With its turn-based gameplay and rich narrative, Armello transports players to a kingdom teeming with heroes, villains, quests, and treacherous politics. 

Its unique selling point is Armello’s blend of multiple game genres into one immersive experience. Its intricate design won it the “Best Art Design” at the Indie Prize, underscoring its achievement within the indie sector.

2064: Read Only Memories – A Futuristic Neo-Noir Adventure

Set in the cyberpunk world of Neo-San Francisco, 2064: Read Only Memories from MidBoss is a point-and-click adventure that explores artificial intelligence and identity themes. With its branching narrative, the game allows players to shape their journey and the relationships they form. 

This title is known for its compelling story and inclusion of diverse characters. Tackling themes like diversity and AI ethics challenges players to ponder broader societal issues. In many ways, this helped 2064: Read Only Memories get into the Indie Prize and become a finalist in the category “Best Narrative.”

Hue: A Colorful Puzzle Adventure

Hue, developed by Fiddlesticks, is a puzzle platformer that uses color as its central mechanic. The game allows players to manipulate the world by changing its background color, uncovering new paths, and solving inventive puzzles. Hue’s unique color mechanic and minimalist yet beautiful art style set it apart. Its innovative use of color won it several accolades, including the “Most Innovative Game” at the Indie Prize.

Road Redemption: A High-Octane Motorcycle Odyssey

Road Redemption by EQ-Games and Pixel Dash Studios is a spiritual successor to the classic title Road Rash. It takes players on a high-speed motorcycle journey filled with fights, races, and dramatic crashes. 

This title stands out with its blend of racing and combat, allowing players to use weapons to battle rivals while riding. Its combination of speed and action has earned it a dedicated fan base in the indie community. Moreover, on this Indie Prize, Road Redemption received the award for “Most Promising Game in Development.

Brawl: A Dark Take on Party Games

Brawl, developed by Bloober Team, is a party game with a twist. Set in a dark, grim world, Brawl pits players against each other in various challenges, from classic deathmatch to the horror-themed “Sheep Mode.” Brawl’s dark, atmospheric setting and diverse gameplay modes make it a unique take on party titles. 

Its distinctive approach to multiplayer gaming won it several nominations at international game festivals, showcasing a first attempt at an aspiring studio with big ambitions. Maybe it could have been more successful, but many years later, Bloober Team studio makes big-budget horror projects and even a remake of Silent Hill 2.

The Masterplan: A Heist with Retro Charm

Set in the 1970s, The Masterplan by Shark Punch is a strategic heist game that tasks players with pulling off daring robberies. With its hand-drawn 2D graphics and strategic gameplay, The Masterplan harks back to the classic era of gaming while offering modern tactical elements.

The Masterplan’s unique blend of strategy, retro art style, and engaging heist plots set it apart in indie. It’s known for its complex, meticulously designed heist sequences that reward careful planning and teamwork. This thoughtfulness of the project did not go unnoticed, which provided the developers with an award for “Best Game Design” at IP Showcase.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

From the strategic realm of Armello to the colorful world of Hue, from the high-speed chaos of Road Redemption to the dark battles in Brawl, from the cyberpunk journey of 2064: Read Only Memories to the cunning heists in The Masterplan — indie titles are pushing boundaries and redefining what games can be.

Each of these six titles represents the strength of indie projects: their ability to innovate, take risks, and offer players unique experiences not often found in mainstream gaming. Indie titles continually prove that with creativity and passion, even the smallest teams can create memorable and impactful experiences. 

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