Games with Christmas Vibes to Play with Friends this Winter

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Even an experienced gamer may search for the best video games to play with friends on Christmas break. The game market may seem too vast to learn the best options and make the correct choice. What products most accurately convey the Christmas and winter atmosphere? Where can you witness the most snowy and funny thematic events? This text is an attempt to make a TOP-10 of such games.

Overwatch 2

There are many reasons to play Overwatch 2. The PVE mode and other features like the talent system are planned to be released only in 2023. But the game has still been significantly updated.

The first season has already passed. It started in October and brought new maps, heroes, skins, and a new mode. The mode is called Push. Each team’s purpose is to make the robot push the barricade towards the enemy’s base. The heroes are a support Kiriko, tank Junker Queen and damage-dealer Sojourn. In turn, season 2 brought a new tank hero Ramattra. It started recently, on December 6.

These and other updates make the Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland event even brighter and funnier. The event will last until January 4. As usual, you’re invited to play wonderful arcade mods. Among them is the famous Yeti Hunter arcade, where five people playing Mei must hunt one playing Winston. Kings Row, Hanamura, Black Forest, and Blizzard World maps being festively decorated also bring a holiday mood to the game. Finally, don’t forget about this year’s Winter Wonderland’s main reward: the Ice Queen skin for Brigitte. The skin perfectly fits into the holiday-themed event, but obtaining it requires overcoming a series of challenges.

The Escapists 2

Both parts of the Escapists series are a good choice because of the variety of platforms they are available on. Android and iOS aren’t the exclusions. However, only Escapists 2 has multiplayer. Up to four players can participate either in the co-op or Versus modes.

The game has a top-down perspective. A player is a prisoner who needs to escape from prison. To be precise, from prisons — as there are a lot of types of very different jails. And every jail has tons of options on how exactly you’ll escape. How about leaving with a music band disguised as a staff member or flying away on a helicopter?

Although sometimes an escape route may be too long, it may be as funny as the escape itself. Especially when it comes to special Christmas-themed events. The one that Escapists 2 has is called Santa’s Shakedown. Unfortunately, the description of each detail of the mission may become a little spoiler. But the only way Santa is involved in its plot can make you place the Escapists 2 at the top of Christmas video games.

Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 annual holiday event is called Dawning. It lasts from December 13 to January 3. One of the key features is baking cookies in Eva’s Holiday Oven. It’s received from Eva Levante, who returns to the Tower at the event’s start.

You can make various types of cookies. Each is made of different ingredient types but serves one main purpose. The cookies must be presented to certain NPCs. The NPCs give you gifts in exchange, along with the Dawning Spirit. This event currency is used to get special rewards from Eva.

The only baking feature can create a rather holiday mood. But another significant part of a holiday is the possibility to complete seasonal challenges and receive unique rewards. For instance, the legendary Stay Frosty pulse rifle, the Cold Front submachine gun, or the Zephyr sword. Finally, don’t forget that this year there are more locations where the Stasis Snowballs can be found. Great snow battles can occur on the Europa’s surface and the Throne World’s streets.

Dead Rising 4

If you’ve ever wanted to destroy hordes of zombies among the festive decorations, Dead Rising 4 is at your service. This survival horror can be completed in co-op. Its plot is connected to the Christmas theme in a very specific manner. Sometimes it’s called one big irony over holiday consumerism. That’s why the zombie epidemic outbreak happens exactly in the shopping mall during the sales.

Whatever the Dead Rising 4 message is, it creates an original festive spirit. Especially when you have the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack. This DLC equips you with different Christmas weapons. For example, it gives you a candy hammer weapon and dresses one of your companions in a Santa Claus suit. But most importantly, it dresses up your zombie enemies in the costumes of Santa’s faithful helpers — elves and reindeer. And what can be better than riding a reindeer bike through the legions of reindeer zombies on Christmas eve?


Fortnite’sWinterfest has also already begun. For many players, the only present give-out makes this video game one of the best to play on Christmas. The chance to grab those presents will last until January 3. You must visit the Lodge from the main menu daily to get them. There you’ll find a pile of gifts to the left of the fireplace. One day — one gift. Although it doesn’t mean that you’ll receive 14 items. You’ll receive 17, as some gifts contain more than one item.

There’ll be different cosmetics: Outfits, Gliders, Sprays, etc. In fact, there’s one more Outfit to receive these days in Fortnite. It’s the Guff Gringle Outfit given to those who launch Fornite on PC. Finally, someone may consider buying seasonal Outfits that return to the shop during Winterfest. For instance, Cozy Knit Jonesy.

The mentioned features will definitely bring additional joy to Fortnite during the Winterfest. Especially when you notice that the Snowball Launcher has also returned. With only this weapon, each battle may become more dangerous and fun at the same time.

Saints Row IV

Some old products also have memorable Christmas-themed events. How The Saints Save Christmas is the second Saints Row IV DLC. Actually, it’s not an annual event but a complete series of missions. They are available once the player escapes the Simulation.

As in the case of many other Saints Row IV missions, these can be completed solo. But playing solo is definitely not the best choice to finish the Christmas-themed video game event. Especially if you have done it earlier. Besides, the campaign is really very short. Its full walkthrough can take up to an hour. How can you not share the joy of that funny hour with a friend?


Here’s a perfect way to get some rest from all the shooters and RPGs. Good advice for the winter holidays would be to grab a few friends and build a settlement in a snowy biome. This only activity is good enough to place Terraria at the top of Christmas games for computers and other platforms. But the seasonal event can make that wonderful experience even better. From December 15 to 31 (or from December 1 to January 15 in the case of Nintendo 3DS), your enemies will drop presents with little chance.

Presents can contain various items, the most valuable of which are various Candy Cane weapons. Or the Snow Globe, if you’re playing on Hardmode. The Snow Globe will make you able to summon the legion of snowmen. Once you deal with these dangerous enemies, Santa Claus vendor is at your service. Last but not least, the seasonal event brings cosmetic changes to Terraria. Instead of Hearts, you collect Candy Canes. Instead of StartsSugar Plums.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Surprisingly, the Monster Hunter series may appear in such a list too. There are two main reasons for it. The first is that the Iceborne expansion pack adds the Hoarfrost Reach location. The second is that Monster Hunter World stands out from the row of other suggested games.

It’s often compared to something like Dark Souls due to the monsters and bosses fight specifics. For example, to make the enemy drop a particular reward, you need to cut its tail during the fight. Besides, a different strategy must be worked out against each monster you hunt in this action RPG.

“Hunt” is not a simple metaphor. You really need to track down the monster by finding its traces and following them. You may need to hunt it again if it hides from you in the other corner of the location. Of course, you may need special equipment to deal with this or that monster. To get that equipment, you may choose to hunt some lesser monsters. Hopefully, your friends can aid you in the farm.

All that gameplay becomes much more atmospheric when implemented on a land full of icy ridges, snowy forests and blizzards. Besides, there’s a possibility to participate in the Winter Star Fest. The outfits of the Fest’s NPC and the meal served there will remind you of the holiday atmosphere in your house. And, of course, this video game will also please players with hot thematic rewards for Christmas 2022.

League of Legends

The League of Legends seasonal event is called Winterblessed. As usual, a bunch of missions are given to players once they are in the launcher. The most valuable rewards are received with the Winterblessed 2022 pass, but the progress scale is common.

The basic missions give event experience to everyone. There are also two unique missions. One rewards you for successfully throwing the snowballs in the ARAM with the Mark/Dash. And another — for playing with friends in a team or winning matches.

The very need to team up can make LoL one of the best Christmas games for PC for someone. Like Christmas itself, it unites and strengthens ties. Especially when the possible rewards are the skins like that Winterblessed Warwick you have seen earlier. The fresh seasonal skins are also received by Zoe, Diana, Shaco, Swain and Zilean.


Let’s finish the top Christmas video game list for 2022 with an unexpected one: the Steep. It’s a multiplayer winter sports simulator. If you haven’t managed to enrich your Christmas holidays with any healthy activity, do it virtually. Practice snowboarding, speed riding, paragliding and other sports in the snowy mountains in different corners of the Earth. As one said, all the great things are simple.

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