The First Descendant’s monetization is turning gamers away

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Despite a phenomenal launch, The First Descendant’s monetization model has significantly impacted the game’s reviews on Steam.

The First Descendant's monetization is turning gamers away

Earlier, we reported that The First Descendant reached 170,000 players on Steam just a few hours after the official server launch. However, the game’s initial success has been overshadowed by a wave of negative reviews. At the time of writing, The First Descendant is sitting on a ‘Mixed’ rating, with only 46% of 13,708 user reviews being positive.

A primary source of dissatisfaction among players is The First Descendant’s monetization model. Critics argue that The First Descendant employs a “pay to win” approach, with expensive microtransactions detract from the overall gaming experience. As noted by FzySideUp, the game launched “with more real money purchasable items than actual gameplay mechanics.”

The initial delays in real-money transactions didn’t help with the situation. Players reported issues with in-game currency purchases not being delivered as promised. Though resolved, the incident still leaves a sour taste for many and continues to be highlighted in various reviews. Adding to the discontentment, players also pointed out that The First Descendants is pretty shallow, with repetitive missions, boring enemies and even bosses, a lackluster plot, limited variety in gunplay, and so on.

Despite the negative feedback, The First Descendant maintains its popularity. The game saw a peak of 229,257 players within the first 24 hours of release. And while player numbers initially dropped due to various concerns, The First Descendant is regaining momentum with 221,730 active players at the moment.

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