Senior Citizens Show Gaming is for All Ages

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No longer exclusive to the youth, competitive video gaming is getting more and more popular among senior citizens. From every continent around the world, elderly adults are joining the community. They even formed Esport squads to compete in tournaments attracting fans and curious spectators.


A month ago, on December 17, the Hungkuang Evergreen Gaming team took the world by surprise. The members are from 62 to 69 of age. Yet, they eagerly participated in an LoL tournament at Taichung’s Hungkuang University.

A 65-year-old member, Chiang Yi-shu, shared that she initially had no interest in learning how to use the computer. However, she soon discovered that gaming is beneficial for her brain. Training with the Esport crew also helped improve her hand dexterity. Living far from the university where she trained couldn’t hinder her passion. Though it took an hour to move from one location to another, she commuted to the training session every week.


The gaming fever doesn’t just stop at Asia and League of Legends. In Sweden, the elderly had made their mark in the infamous CS:GO. Like every first-person shooter game, CS:GO requires high accuracy and fast reflex. And Silver Snipers, a full-senior squad, had every trait needed to be the champion. After all, in 2019, they won the Seniors World Cup against teams from the USA, Finland, and Germany.


The mighty army of elders does not stop there. They even conquered Youtube. Two of the eldest Youtubers are Hamako Mori and Shirley Curry.

Hamako was born in 1930. This year, she has reached 93 years of age and has been playing video games for over 38 years. She usually streams action games on Youtube.

While that, Shirley Curry in the USA will reach 87 this year. Her dream is to be able to play the Elder Scrolls 6. Shirley’s love for Skyrim is so big that Bethesda immortalized her in their upcoming game.

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