All Shadow of the Erdtree Scadutree Fragments locations

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A new Upgrade Material has appeared in Elden Ring DLС, and in this article, we will tell you where all the Scadutree Fragments locations are.

Shadow of the Erdtree DLC proved challenging even for experienced Soulslike fans, let alone more casual gamers. So, two new Upgrade Materials were added to the Elden Ring DLC: Scadutree Fragments and Revered Spirit Ashes, which work only in the Shadow Realm. This article will tell you where to find Scadutree Fragments.

What are Scadutree Fragments

Scadutree Fragments are optional consumables that increase your attack and defense by around 4% each time. Scadutree Fragments can be used at any Site of Grace to increase the Scadutree Blessing level. Without the Scadutree Blessing upgrades, it will be extremely difficult for you to complete the Elden Ring DLC. There are a total of 50 Scadutree Fragments in Shadow of the Erdtree.

“A splinter of the Scadutree that contains golden brilliance. Acquired at the Church of Marika and other places in the realm of shadow. Consume these at sites of grace to bolster your Scadutree Blessing. The Scadutree Blessing bolsters the bearer’s ability to deal and negate damage but has no influence outside the realm of shadow. It is said that when the Scadutree crumbles from its core that it will scatter across the entire realm of shadow. The people of the Erdtree collect the splinters and use them in prayer.”

—   In-game description

The Scadutree Blessing is part of the Shadow Realm Blessing, the new Elden Ring leveling-up mechanic. Scadutree Blessing doesn’t directly affect your character’s stats but is applied on top of them, so you can continue to level up specific stats with the Runes, as usual. In total, you can get 20 Scadutree Blessing levels, where the first one costs one Scadutree Fragment, the second to the ninth costs two Scadutree Fragments, and all subsequent levels cost three.

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Where to find Scadutree Fragments

Scadutree Fragments typical locations and sources:

Consider that Shadows with a pot often appear in enemies’ crowds. Instead of attacking you, they run away and disappear after a few seconds, so hurry up to wipe them first.

Screenshots taken from the interactive Shadow of the Erdtree map from the Fextralife Wiki.

Scadutree Fragment locations in Gravesite Plain

1. Church of Consolation (Marika’s statue) (x2)

2. Northeast of Scorched Ruins (Shadow with a pot)

3. Three-Path Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

4. Main Gate Cross near Belurat, Tower Settlement (Miquella’s Cross)

5. Prospect Town graveyard (Shadow with a pot)

6. Castle Front, outside Castle Ensis (Marika’s statue)

7. Castle Ensis (Miquella’s Cross)

8. Pillar Path Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

9. Belurat, Tower Settlement (Miquella’s Cross)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Scadu Altus

1. Highroad Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

2. Moorth Ruins Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

3. West of Moorth Ruins Messmer Soldier’s camp (Marika’s statue)

4. Southern encampment Messmer Soldier’s camp (Marika’s statue)

5. North of Moorth Ruins, lakes and cave (Marika’s statue)

6. Church Of the Crusade (Marika’s statue) (x2)

7. Southeast Moorth Ruins (Shadow with a pot)

8. Scaduview Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

9. Castle Watering Hole Site of Grace-Ruins of Unte, waterfall bottom (stone coffin)

10. Shadow Keep, Golden Hippopotamus (boss) (x2)

11. Recluses’ River Downstream two Hippopotamus (mini-bosses) (x2)

12. Shadow Keep, Sunken Chapel (Marika’s statue)

13. Shadow Keep, Storehouse Fourth Floor (Miquella’s Cross)

14. Shadow Keep, Back Gate (Marika’s statue)

15. Before Messmer’s Dark Chamber (Marika’s statue)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Scaduview

1. After defeating Commander Gaius (boss) Scadutree Chalice (x5)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Cerulean Coast

1. Cerulean Coast Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

2. Cerulean Coast cave, Demi-Human Queen Marigga (mini-boss)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Charo’s Hidden Grave

1. Western lake Hippopotamus (mini-boss)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Jagged Peak

1. After using the second Spiritspring past Igon at the end of the rolling boulders path (corpse)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Stone Fissure Coffin

1. Fissure Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Ancient Ruins of Rauh

1. Rauh Ancient Ruins Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

2. South of Viaduct Minor Tower Hippopotamus (mini-boss)

3. West of Rauh Ancient Ruins (Shadow with a pot)

4. Temple Town Ruins (corpse)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Abyssal Woods

1. Abandoned Church (Marika’s statue) (x2)

2. North of Abyssal Woods Grace (corpse)

Scadutree Fragment locations in Enir-Ilim

1. Spiral Rise Cross (Miquella’s Cross)

2. Belurat statue base

3. Altar room

4. Cleansing Chamber Anteroom Site of Grace

We will update this article as new information becomes available, so stay tuned!

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