Project Loki revealed to be Supervive: a MOBA battle royale

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Supervive is a League of Legends-style MOBA battle royale created by former Riot, Blizzard, and Bungie developers.

Project Loki revealed to be Supervive: a MOBA battle royale

For those eagerly awaiting updates on Project Loki from Theorycraft Games Studio, we have exciting news! The project has been revealed as Supervive, a battle royale in the style of LoL and Dota. Created by former Riot, Blizzard, and Bungie developers, Supervive stands out with its fast-paced, top-down hero shooter gameplay. Below, you’ll find all the available information about this MOBA battle royale.

About Supervive

Supervive was originally conceptualized at Riot Games by CEO Joe Tung as part of League of Legends. However, technical limitations prevented its inclusion in LoL. Now, under the banner of Theorycraft Games, Supervive has evolved into a standalone title with the potential to become one of the biggest live service games in the future.

Supervive gameplay mechanics

Project Loki revealed to be Supervive: a MOBA battle royale

In Supervive, players compete solo or in teams against 39 others. Starting by choosing drop points, leveling up by defeating creeps, and collecting gear to become the last one standing. Similar to LoL, movement is controlled using WASD, while attacks and abilities are aimed with the mouse.

Supervive features a vast map with numerous floating islands separated by chasms. Players can use the glider to navigate through these abyssal gaps. However, being attacked while gliding will bring instant death. While this is not a noble way to take down someone, players can’t deny that it’s a fun thing to do.

Supervive’s reviving system allows team members to use revive stations to bring back fallen teammates. Standing on a revive station alerts nearby enemies, but if players successfully fill up the progress bar, the entire team respawns and is back in the game.

All of the above is just a sneak peek of what Supervive has to offer. What are your thoughts on this new battle royale? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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