Ken Silva Joins NASL as New League Commissioner, Elevating North American eSports

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Ken Silva Joins NASL as New League Commissioner, Elevating North American eSports

In a significant development for North American eSports, the North American Star League (NASL) proudly welcomes Ken Silva as its newly appointed league commissioner. Silva’s impressive track record as the president of eSports Canada, where he orchestrated numerous successful eSports events, positions him as a valuable addition to the NASL team. Having already collaborated with players and attendees during the NASL Season 3 Grand Finals and WCS Canada Championships, Silva brings firsthand experience and a deep passion for the gaming world to his new role.

A Passionate Gaming Enthusiast Takes the Helm

Silva’s lifelong love for gaming led him to dive into the eSports scene in 2010, organizing community events in the vibrant city of Toronto. Witnessing an exponential rise in attendance, Silva co-founded eSports Canada in 2011, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering the growth and advancement of eSports in Canada. As a result, he garnered extensive experience in event coordination and demonstrated an unwavering commitment to nurturing the eSports ecosystem.

NASL’s Forward-Thinking Selection

The NASL studio team’s decision to appoint Silva as league commissioner stems from their confidence in his ability to drive progress and elevate the North American eSports landscape. Silva’s vision aligns with NASL’s mission to foster global growth within the eSports industry. When asked about his aspirations, Silva expressed immense excitement about having the opportunity to contribute full-time to the global expansion of eSports through his work with NASL.

A Transcontinental Transition

Undertaking the journey from Ontario, Canada to Ontario, California, Silva traversed a considerable distance to join the NASL team. However, the long voyage was filled with anticipation as Silva eagerly anticipated the allure of a low latency connection (“dat 30ms ping”) when connecting to NA servers. This enthusiasm demonstrates his dedication to providing the best possible gaming experience for eSports enthusiasts.

Embracing a Passionate Team

Silva is thrilled to collaborate with the passionate and dedicated NASL team, emphasizing their collective commitment to the eSports community. With a shared goal of furthering the growth and development of eSports, Silva is poised to take the reins as the NASL Commissioner, utilizing his expertise and vision to guide the league toward new heights.

Ken Silva’s appointment as the new league commissioner of NASL marks a significant milestone for North American eSports. With a wealth of experience as the president of eSports Canada and a background in organizing successful eSports events, Silva’s contributions are expected to drive the growth and development of the industry. As he assumes his role as NASL Commissioner, Silva’s dedication to nurturing the eSports community and his enthusiasm for expanding the global reach of eSports will undoubtedly shape the future of North American competitive gaming. The NASL team and eSports enthusiasts alike eagerly await the positive impact that Silva’s leadership will bring to the league and the broader eSports landscape.

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