NASL Season 4 Introduces Leaderboard and Invites Top Players

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NASL Season 4 Introduces Leaderboard and Invites Top Players

Get ready for an electrifying Season 4 as the North American Star League (NASL) prepares to raise the bar, introducing an innovative leaderboard system that guarantees a fair chance for the most exceptional players worldwide to showcase their skills. In a bid to recognize excellence, NASL is revolutionizing the way players are rewarded by granting highly sought-after league spots to those who reign supreme in earnings. Join us as we delve into the exhilarating details of this groundbreaking advancement.

NASL Leaderboard System

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled race to the pinnacle of the NASL Leaderboard, where the destiny of professional StarCraft II players will be shaped by an ingenious point system. Throughout the year 2012, every triumph and feat in major events will propel these players towards glory, as they earn points that will determine their rank. This cutting-edge methodology injects a fierce competitive spirit into the league, guaranteeing that only the crème de la crème ascend to the lofty heights of the standings. Get ready to witness a battle of unmatched skill and determination like never before!

Invited Players

The stage is set for an explosive showdown in NASL Season 4, as the prestigious invitations have been bestowed upon the formidable quartet reigning atop the NASL Leaderboard: DRG, MMA, Violet, and Taeja. With their indomitable spirits and unwavering determination, these gifted players have showcased their exceptional skills, leaving no doubt that they will unleash their full potential in the impending battle. Brace yourself for an unforgettable display of unparalleled talent and relentless pursuit of victory!

Qualification Criteria

As the leaderboard system guarantees coveted spots for the cream of the crop, the tapestry of NASL Season 4 unfolds with an array of thrilling qualification routes to complete the league’s dynamic lineup. The journey to glory encompasses multiple avenues, welcoming contenders from diverse backgrounds: veterans who claimed their ranks within the top 33 of NASL Season 3, fierce warriors who triumphed as the top 4 in the Season 3 Open Tournament, and triumphant champions who emerged victorious from the NASL Season 4 Qualifiers. This amalgamation of talent ensures an exquisitely balanced and exhilarating roster, promising an unforgettable Season 4 filled with fierce battles and edge-of-your-seat moments.

Upcoming Announcements and Content

With the highly anticipated season drawing near, NASL is poised to unravel a treasure trove of exclusive details in the upcoming weeks. Brace yourselves for the grand revelation of the complete constellation of players set to grace the stage, along with a myriad of planned enhancements that will elevate the league to new heights. Furthermore, the meticulously crafted season schedule, a testament to precision and excitement, will be unveiled, ensuring that fans can mark their calendars for the epic battles that lie ahead. To stay at the forefront of these exhilarating updates, ardent enthusiasts can embark on a thrilling journey by following NASL on the social media frontiers of Facebook and Twitter, where every pulse-pounding announcement will unfold.

In the meantime, NASL’s off-season content, The Gauntlet, and the Season 4 Qualifiers will be broadcasted on NASLTV Twitch Channel. Catch all the action from Wednesday through Sunday throughout August and early September. For the complete off-season schedule and more details, visit the NASLTV Twitch Channel.


Ignite your excitement and brace yourselves for an electrifying spectacle as NASL Season 4 unfurls its grand tapestry of thrills. With the dawn of the groundbreaking leaderboard system and the formidable presence of the crème de la crème in StarCraft II, prepare to be captivated by heart-pounding clashes, tactical masterpieces, and indelible memories etched into the annals of esports history. From every corner of the globe, the greatest warriors gather, their sights set on nothing short of absolute glory. Stay tuned, for with each passing moment, the anticipation surges. Mark your calendars, for a season of unrelenting action awaits, destined to imprint itself upon your very soul. Let the countdown to an unrivaled odyssey of skill and passion commence!

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