NASL Decision: White-Ra vs July Match Forfeited and July Awarded Victory

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NASL Decision: White-Ra vs July Match Forfeited and July Awarded Victory

In an unfortunate turn of events, the highly anticipated NASL match between White-Ra and July was unable to take place as scheduled. Due to a conflicting event, White-Ra was unable to participate, leading to a decision by the NASL staff to award July a 2-0 victory for the match. This article aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this decision and provide insights into the reasoning behind it.

Conflicting Commitments and Organizational Challenges

White-Ra had previously informed the NASL organizers about his participation in the Dreamhack Invitational on the same day as the match against July. Efforts were made to find a solution by requesting the Dreamhack organizers to accommodate White-Ra’s match, but unfortunately, they were unable to comply due to the need to pack up their equipment and shut off the internet. SjoW, who also faced a similar situation, managed to make arrangements to play his match at a nearby LAN center.

Lack of Response and a Patient Wait

Despite several attempts to contact White-Ra via emails and phone calls, there was no response from him. This lack of communication created a dilemma for the NASL staff, who were left with no choice but to proceed with the match without White-Ra’s participation. After waiting for four hours, July was given the option to accept a free win or reschedule the match.

July’s Decision and Extended Grace Period

Considering the early wake-up call and the lengthy wait endured by July, he made the understandable choice to accept the win rather than reschedule the match. The NASL staff, in recognition of their prior communication with White-Ra, extended the grace period from the usual 45 minutes to a substantial four hours.

The NASL staff extends their sincere apologies to both White-Ra and July, as well as the fans, for the unfortunate turn of events. While they acknowledge the disappointment caused by the forfeited match, it was deemed unfair to allow a reschedule after July’s extended wait. The NASL staff hopes that future events will unfold more smoothly, ensuring an enjoyable experience for players and fans alike.

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