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This year may seem dark and full of terrors, but gaming industry is definitely going to make it a little brighter. Maybe not a little! A shocking number of products both on PC and consoles must be released in upcoming months – it’s even hard to define the best. But here you can see an attempt to look at top 10 of really most anticipated games in 2022 that you can’t ever miss.

Hogwarts Legacy

Available platforms:

An action RPG based on incredibly popular franchise of Wizarding World takes place at Hogwarts of the late XIX century. Yes, about more than hundred years before saga about Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived. Hogwarts Legacy is going to be the first open-world RPG in the series. They may have also shown you many familiar locations from dear books and films, but here this experience will surely be more vast and complete.

Fans will be able to visit beautiful homelike village Hogsmeade or gloomy and mysterious Forbidden Forest, and, of course, to properly explore glorious halls of Hogwarts. Players will also be able to make the character they like: for example, choose gender, voice, wand, and then — a House to study in. Word «study» should also be understood directly — your character must visit different classes, learn spells, train, like a proper student.

But, like in a life of proper student, many other things need to be done: like making friends with your future battle companions and looking after your behavior in new morality system. An interesting protagonist holds a key to an ancient secret threatening Hogwarts and the whole Wizarding World, and only you are to choose how to use that key.

Skull and Bones

Available platforms:

Skull and Bones has all rights to appear in the separate list of top 10 anticipated multiplayer games. Ever since the success of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag many players have dreamt of a similar multiplayer experience, and they are about to get it. Although there are still doubts about it’s development state, Ubisoft has proclaimed its release in the next fiscal year starting from this April.

Players will be able to make their own customizable pirate captains, choose different types of ships and their weapons. And, of course, choose different strategies to fight enemies on the Sea. Treasures of the Indian Ocean deserve fighting for.

Company of Heroes 3

Available platforms:

A fresh product in Company of Heroes franchise is about to bring you to the hot places of Italy and Northern Africa during the World War II. This time the accent is done on a large single-player component with variously replayable campaign. Company of Heroes has always been a series with a deep tactical mechanic, now the tactical variability will increase even further — so that developers added special Tactical Pause feature.

It must help in control of a dynamic mechanism of war occurring in the real-time format, although this long-waited button will be available only in single mode. But it’s already a huge part of gameplay! Developers have long thought, whether the place for new fights must be Pacific or Mediterranean theater. The last one is chosen, and you can only get yourself prepared for hard battle in lands of a harsh climate and in underbelly of burning Europe.

Gotham Knights

Available platforms:

Another open-world action-RPG must make fans of Batman series happy: Gotham Knights! It even has a satisfying exact release date — 25th of October. Gotham City has fallen in chaos again, this time chaos is caused by extremely terrible event: death of Batman. Now that Gotham is left without its iconic defender, his family and closest friends must make a step from shadows and fulfill Batman’s mission.

Furious antihero Red Hood, who has taken Batman’s most illegal methods of fighting criminals. Daughter of James Gordon, Batgirl, previously known as Oracle, who rehabilitated from injures and got up from a wheelchair to fight like her father did, and like even he did not. The first protégé of Batman, Nightwing, striking his opponents and even admirers with incredible acrobatics. And Robin — the youngest in Bat-Family, but maybe the most worthy heir of Batman…

Choose a character to become a new Dark Knight, call a partner who can choose another one – and save the city that father of Bat-Family gave his life for. Or just avenge him. It’s yours to decide in one of the most awaited games of 2022.

The Outlast Trials

Available platforms:

One more product to include in top of the most expected games of 2022 is, for sure, new Outlast. Even though it’s not direct continuation, it becomes a good heir to one of the best horror video games series. A heir both in atmosphere and plot.

It’s not correct to name it «Outlast 3», as players are going to witness completely different chronological context. Previously they have been shown terrifying consequences of experiments, which started in the middle of XX century and attracted attention only in 2013 year. And The Outlast Trials carries you exactly to timeline of the Cold War.

This Outlast is expected to be the largest in the series, and therefore — to give you the biggest number of enemies. Oh, and, of course, the biggest difference between them: The Outlast Trials has multiplayer. Don’t miss the opportunity to stop inhumane experiments of Murkoff Corporation and fight its living nightmares with your friends in cooperative mode!

God of War: Ragnarök

Available platforms:

Sony has recently admitted: new product in God of War series won’t be delayed and fans must play it in 2022 year. Rangarök is certainly one of the year’s most wanted games, as console owners have been waiting for it since 2018. And it is still secret, for how long PC players are going to wait.

Kratos’ son, Atreus, whose real name has been revealed in the end of God of War (2018), has grown up. Fimbulwinter is outdoors: a horrible winter that preludes Scandinavian apocalypse called Ragnarök. Ghost of Sparta must help his son to understand his strange destiny and face his own.

The gameplay won’t significantly differ, although some improvements in graphics and new mechanics are coming. Along with those tempting locations, which weren’t accessible, but now may open their mystic doors… How much would you like to visit Asgard?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl

Available platforms:

Latest game in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series was released at the end of faraway 2009. The new one was announced next year, but for many reasons its development was canceled — until encouraging 2018. The most inspiring in announcement was the reveal, that new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is going to become direct sequel of the series, but in contemporary times.

Famous Chernobyl will look renewed not only due to masses of new and updated mechanics, dangerous creatures and traps, but also because of Unreal Engine 5. Heart of Chernobyl is promised to naturally show the heart of this universe’ nightmare, placing the its genre somewhere in the middle of shooter, survival and horror. Without any doubt it can be placed at the list of top 10 most anticipated games of all time. And on the 8th of December you are about to test, how worthy were these long expectations.

Atomic Heart

Available platforms:

While new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. brings players to familiar place and timeline, Atomic Heart is going to show something completely different. But not so far from Chernobyl as it may seem. This shooter’s events take place in alternative reality, where Soviet Union became a very technologically progressive state that managed to start massive production of robots. Robots, that quickly got out of control.

Developers were seriously inspired by writings of Soviet science fiction writers like brothers Strugatsky or Stanislav Lem, although sometimes their product can resemble BioShock series. A protagonist, major Nechaev, must bring order to the chaos caused by rioting robots, making impressing weapons from the futuristic rubbish and traveling around spectacular and threatening world. World that seems so different, and yet reminds reality so much…


Available platforms:

Another masterpiece developed by Bethesda is a rare example of how product without proper gameplay trailer can easily get at top of most anticipated upcoming games. Developers characterize it as a «Skyrim in space». Only this short formula must attract so many attention to the world that players will probably enter in November.

Bethesda has never betrayed fans’ expectations. Now, after exploring deserts of post-apocalyptic world or discovering secrets of the ancient scrolls, they look forward to enjoy not less powerful plot and atmospheric lore in space. Some facts are already stated: story takes place somewhere in the Milky Way in XXIV century, few years after grand Colony war between Freestar Collective and the United Colonies. Even though upcoming trailers must through light on mysteries of Starfield, it seems like players have to cover most of them by themselves when it’s released.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Available platforms:

Legend of Zelda is such a series, for which alone many people are ready to buy Nintendo Switch and which they reasonably place it in the top 10 most anticipated games revealed on E3 in 2021. One of the most famous adventures setting will get some new mechanics and meet players with charming locations of Hyrule — yes, in its sky too! Link has much to explore and many enemies to fight, with Zelda following him through beautiful but dangerous places. Although still a little is known about actual plot of new Legend of Zelda fans will definitely feel how wild is breath of the world they fell in love with.

That was our small list of top 10 most popular best games that are going to release in 2022. If this most anticipated part of releases is so stunning, who knows, how much more memorable entertainment gamers are going to experience.

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