LotR: Gollum’s Studio Will Stop Making Games

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LotR: Gollum's Studio Will Stop Making Games

Lord of the Rings: Gollum is no doubt a highly controversial title. As a result, the studio behind it, Daedalic Entertainment, has announced that they will stop making games indefinitely

The German studio has made the decision to cease its internal development activities. Daedalic has received countless negative criticism for their work on LotR: Gollum. Dubbed “Worst GOTY,” even the developer had to issue an apology for the poor performance of Gollum.

Another LotR title with the code name: “It’s Magic” is also affected. It had been in progress since 2022 and was planned to greet the audience next year. But now, it can only accept its fate of remaining forever in the dark, forgotten, just like Gollum.

LotR: Gollum's Studio Will Stop Making Games

Unfortunately, due to this change, 25 employees have been let go from their positions. However, the spokesperson from Daedalic has reassured that the company will provide support to these individuals in finding new job opportunities. As for the studio itself, it will now concentrate on game publishing, sales, and marketing. It seems that they will steer clear from the uncharted territories of developing games for quite a while. 

Daedalic’s decision to stop creating their own games is final. But they are still committed to improving The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. The studio is actively working on a new update to fix its performance problems. Later this year, a version of said title is expected to be released on the Nintendo Switch.

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