Indie Prize USA 2016: Unleashing Creativity of Indie Games

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Indie Prizes USA 2016

In the vast expanse of the gaming universe, there exist hidden gems that deserve our undivided attention. Therefore, events such as the Indie Prize present them to the whole world in all their glory. Here, they bring six such masterpieces into the spotlight. These titles — Shadow Tactics, Redout, Agatha Christie by Microids, 911 Operator, Evilibrium: Soul Hunter, and The Sandbox Evolution — offer unique experiences that set them apart.

Shadow Tactics: The Art of Stealth and Strategy

Shadow Tactics, developed by Mimimi Games, takes you back to Japan’s Edo period and is renowned for its remarkable blend of stealth and strategy. This real-time tactics game got acclaimed for its sophisticated AI, detailed graphics, and wide tactical variety.

Players control five unique characters, each with their own skill sets and backstories, fostering an intricate level of strategic planning. Shadow Tactics has garnered praise for its ability to create stealth-focused, tension-filled gameplay that challenges players to think creatively.

Achieving multiple awards for its design and gameplay, including the German Developer Award for Best German Game and Best PC/Console Title, Shadow Tactics stands as a testament to the quality of indie game development. In the future, Shadow Tactics will become known as a trilogy of incredible innovative indie projects.

Redout: A Thrilling Throwback to Futuristic Racing

Fusing elements from iconic racing titles like F-Zero and Wipeout, Redout by 34BigThings delivers a blisteringly fast, anti-gravity racing experience. Redout stands out for its intense speed, its striking low-poly aesthetic, and its tight, responsive controls.

Using a unique active racing system, players have to constantly manage their vehicle’s pitch and yaw to survive Redout’s dynamic, vertigo-inducing tracks. This innovative control scheme has earned Redout a dedicated following among racing enthusiasts.

At the Indie Prize, Redout was recognized for its incredible visuals and exhilarating gameplay, firmly establishing its presence in the indie gaming world.

Agatha Christie by Microids: A Journey into the Queen of Mystery’s Mind

Microids’ Agatha Christie series breathes life into the legendary author’s mysteries, taking players on a captivating journey through her famed narratives. The unique draw of these franchises lies in their faithful adaptation of Christie’s stories, offering players a chance to step into the shoes of detectives like Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

The series has been commended for its well-designed puzzles, evocative atmosphere, and superb writing, achieving a solid reputation among adventure game enthusiasts. The Agatha Christie series solidifies Microids’ standing as a developer capable of delivering high-quality narrative experiences.

911 Operator: High-Stakes Decisions at Your Fingertips

911 Operator by Jutsu Games is a real-time strategy that puts players in the role of an emergency dispatcher. The game’s innovative concept — managing emergency services in real cities using actual maps — has captivated many players.

Players must make quick, crucial decisions, often dealing with life-or-death situations requiring strategic prioritizing. The project is noted for its intense, immersive atmosphere and the thoughtful commentary it provides on the pressures emergency service personnel face.

911 Operator won an Indie Showcase award at the Digital Dragons event, marking a significant achievement in the indie industry.

Evilibrium: Soul Hunter – An Adventure in Dark Fantasy

Evilibrium: Soul Hunter, developed by Orc Work Games, is a role-playing game steeped in dark fantasy. The project’s unique selling point is its combination of turn-based RPG elements, dungeon exploration, and a rich, captivating storyline.

The intricate art style and the extensive variety of creatures to collect and battle have earned Evilibrium a loyal fanbase. Its innovative mix of genres and gameplay mechanics contributes to the diverse fabric of indie gaming.

The Sandbox Evolution: Craft Your Own Gaming Universe

The Sandbox Evolution, developed by Pixowl, empowers players with the ability to design and craft their own gaming universe, from creating terrains to designing characters and challenges. This user-generated content game stands out with its pixel-art graphics and its extensive, intuitive creation tools.

The Sandbox Evolution was celebrated for successfully implementing sandbox mechanics on a mobile platform and its capacity to foster players’ creativity. As a testament to its accomplishment, The Sandbox Evolution has been recognized in the industry, winning the App Store Best of 2016 award.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

Each of these titles has contributed significantly to the diversity and richness of the gaming landscape. Be it through innovative gameplay mechanics, captivating narratives, or breathtaking visuals. They demonstrate the gaming medium’s extraordinary potential. Whether you’re a veteran player or a curious newcomer, these unique titles deserve a spot on everybody’s gaming list. And in subsequent years, Indie Prize expanded the player’s list more and more, presenting intriguing projects.

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