Indie Prize London 2019: Indie Rain Strikes Again

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Indie Prize London 2019

So we got to the last British Indie Prize, where quite a lot of interesting projects were shown. Alas, sponsors at this point have already lost all interest in the event. Only Photon, Inlingo, and ShackNews remained among them. This article profoundly delves into eight gems from this event, each representing a fresh approach to gameplay, narrative, and design.

Bombarika: Unleashing Creativity in Chaos

Bombarika stands out as an innovative puzzle game requiring players to think out of the box. In a world where your house is filled with bombs and the clock is ticking, the premise might seem simple, but the gameplay depth goes beyond the ordinary.

Developed by the creative minds at Street Lamp Games, Bombarika is acclaimed for its originality in both concept and design. This title asks players to use household objects to direct the bombs out of the house before they detonate. It’s a project where ingenuity meets chaos, providing a thrilling and rewarding gameplay experience.

Bombarika garnered much attention and praise from the Indie Prize judges for its unique puzzle-solving approach and whimsical art style. As a result, Bombarika became a finalist and won an award in the “Best Mobile Game” category.

Mutropolis: Rediscovering Our Past, Piece by Piece

Mutropolis is a unique archaeological post-apocalyptic adventure that reimagines the distant future. Its appeal lies in the challenge of uncovering ancient artifacts and secrets of long-gone civilizations.

Set in the 50th century, Mutropolis offers an enticing narrative that wraps around richly detailed, hand-drawn graphics. Players can explore over 50 stunning locations and interact with an array of engaging characters. This distinctive title has received recognition for its compelling narrative, creative gameplay, and impressive artistic vision at the Indie Prize, bringing the creators the “Best Game Art” award.

Liff: Surreal, Puzzling, and Brilliantly Beautiful

Known for its surreal landscapes and mind-bending puzzles, Liff takes players on a journey through a mesmerizing world of mystery and beauty. The title’s simplicity belies the complex emotional journey it evokes.

Its distinctive art style and immersive soundtrack create a sensory experience that leaves a lasting impression. Liff is not just a game — it’s an interactive work of art, earning its place in the Indie Prize and “Most Innovative Game” award for its stellar achievements in art and narrative design.

Neuroslicers: Strategic Gameplay in a Cyberpunk World

With its blend of real-time strategy and cyberpunk aesthetics, Neuroslicers offers an original take on the RTS genre. Neuroslicers puts you in the role of a Slicer, a digital avatar waging cyber warfare in the post-cyberpunk landscape of the NeuroNet.

Notably, the game allows players to customize their strategies and tactics, providing a range of approaches to every conflict. Neuroslicers’ groundbreaking mechanics and striking visual style have earned them high praise within the gaming community and industry.

Thanks to its impressive ideas in the field of player interaction and excellent balance, the project earned the “Best Multiplayer Game” award at the Indie Prize.

Bee Simulator: A Buzz-worthy Adventure

Experience the world through the eyes of a bee in Bee Simulator, a simulator known for its unique premise and educational approach. Offering an immersive journey into a bee’s life, it creates an enjoyable, enlightening experience that stands out in the industry.

Bee Simulator encourages players to protect their hive, collect pollen, and explore a world inspired by Central Park in New York. Its innovative game design and environmental awareness have won it a notable place in the hearts of players. This project especially appealed to young players, for which it deservedly received the “Best Kids and Family Game” award at the Indie Prize.

A Fold Apart: Tugging at the Heartstrings

Known for its dynamic narrative, A Fold Apart explores the trials and tribulations of long-distance relationships. The game offers a metaphorical journey through the emotional landscape of its characters, using an innovative paper-folding mechanic.

A Fold Apart’s unique gameplay and touching narrative have resonated with a broad audience, receiving recognition for its original storytelling and emotional depth approach. This project also stands as an “Audience Choice” at the Indie Prize, recognized for its innovative mechanics and narrative design.

Seers Isle: Choose Your Destiny

Seers Isle stands out with its immersive narrative and distinct visual style. As an interactive graphic novel, it weaves a captivating story based on players’ choices throughout the game.

This title occurs on a secluded island, where every choice can alter the narrative, making each playthrough unique. This level of audio immersion and evocative art style have earned Seers Isle a laudable reputation in the indie gaming community. In addition, the project received an award for Best Audio at the Indie Prize.

Aggressors: Ancient Rome — A Strategy Game for the History Books

Aggressors: Ancient Rome offers a deep, strategic turn-based experience set in the fascinating era of the Roman Empire. The project stands out for its historical accuracy, vast map, and intricate battle mechanics.

Noted for its in-depth customization options, Aggressors allows players to shape history, building and managing their empire to stand the test of time. This level of detail and strategic depth have won the game a “Best Game Design” award at the Indie Prize.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

From inventive puzzle-solving to intricate strategy, these titles represent outstanding offerings in the contemporary gaming landscape. Their individual approaches to gameplay, narrative, and design have not only won them a place in the Indie Prize but also in the hearts of players worldwide. 

As we move forward, it’s evident that the gaming industry’s future will continue to be shaped by such innovative and original experiences. Hopefully, there will be more events like the Indie Prize in the future to help showcase the gems of the gaming industry!

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