Indie Prize Kyiv 2017: Waterfall of Hidden Gems

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Indie Prize Kyiv 2017

The gaming industry is a realm where creativity and innovation shine. Indie games, in particular, continue to push boundaries and bring unique experiences to the players. Today, we’ll delve into the distinctive aspects, achievements, and Indie Prize participation of five remarkable games:

This time, sponsors such as Unreal Engine, Amazon, Indie Sky, and Appodeal attended the event. And thanks to them, we can talk about the games mentioned above!

My Memory of Us: Recollection of Resilience

A poignant narrative coupled with enchanting illustrations defines “My Memory of Us” by Juggler Games. This side-scrolling adventure paints a picture of friendship amidst a bleak reality inspired by the events of World War II. The game blends real-world history and fantasy to create a touching narrative captured through the eyes of two children. 

The unique facet of “My Memory of Us” lies in its presentation and the ingenious use of illustrative storytelling. Its powerful narrative earned it recognition at Indie Prize 2017, cementing its position as a thought-provoking and emotionally impactful game.

Deep Sky Derelicts: Dark Frontiers in Space

Crafted by Snowhound Games, “Deep Sky Derelicts” takes players to the far reaches of space in a dystopian future. It’s a strategic RPG with rogue-like elements and card-based combat, where you lead a team of scavengers through derelict spaceships. What sets “Deep Sky Derelicts” apart is its distinctive comic book art style and deep, tactical gameplay. Its unique blend of genres, combined with an atmospheric sci-fi setting, earned it a nomination at the Indie Prize 2017.

Simulacra: Truth in the Digital Age

Kaigan Games’ “Simulacra” provides a gripping experience of investigative gaming. Presented through the interface of a found smartphone, players dive into the digital life of the missing owner, unraveling mysteries along the way. 

“Simulacra” stands out for its innovative use of familiar technology as a storytelling device. This unique approach to narrative and player immersion garnered “Simulacra” the “Excellence in Storytelling” award at the Indie Prize 2017.

Death Horizon: VR Zombie Apocalypse

Dream Dev Studio’s “Death Horizon” throws players into a gripping VR experience of a zombie-infested research center. It’s a fight for survival against hordes of infected in this immersive shooter game.

“Death Horizon” distinguishes itself with high-quality VR mechanics, intense action, and a nerve-wracking atmosphere. Its immersive gameplay earned it a place at the Indie Prize 2017, showcasing the potential of VR in the indie gaming scene.

The Enchanted World: A Magical Puzzle

Noodlecake Studios’ “The Enchanted World” is a charming tile-sliding puzzle game set in a world ripped apart by dark forces. Players help a fairy piece together her broken world, meeting whimsical characters along the way.

What sets “The Enchanted World” apart is its stunning art style, heartfelt narrative, and clever puzzle mechanics. It’s a standout example of indie gaming’s ability to blend form and function, earning it a nomination at Indie Prize 2017.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

Each of these games provides players with a unique journey that’s not just about winning or losing but about experiencing stories, mechanics, and worlds that push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming. From the heartfelt memories in “My Memory of Us” to the deep reaches of space in “Deep Sky Derelicts,” the digital mysteries of “Simulacra,” the gripping VR of “Death Horizon,” and the magical puzzles in “The Enchanted World,” these games offer diverse and distinctive experiences. Their recognition at the Indie Prize is a testament to the immense creativity in the indie gaming scene.

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