Indie Prize Europe 2015: First Successes of this Event

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The indie game industry thrives on innovation, frequently pushing the boundaries of what we expect from video games. The Indie Prize (IP) continued to carry this message, showing what modern authors are capable of, even on a small budget. European Showcases were supported by many well-known companies like Facebook, Unity, Rovio, Google, Amazon, and Plantronics, and there were only more talented developers!

Today, we’re putting the spotlight on eight indie games that embody this spirit:

Let’s explore these wonderful worlds together!

Hue: Painting a Vibrant Puzzle Adventure

“Hue” is a puzzle platformer that takes a unique approach to the genre by incorporating color-changing mechanics into its gameplay. As players progress, they gain the ability to change the color of the game world, revealing new paths, solving puzzles, and uncovering an emotionally engaging story. “Hue” is notable not only for its innovative gameplay but also for its bold, minimalist art style and poignant narrative. No wonder “Hue” was a finalist in the Indie Prize 2016 for “Best in Show.” To this day, the game is in demand (in May 2023 appeared in the Epic Games Story) despite the project being a single-playersingle-player experience.

Out There Omega: A Journey to the Stars

In “Out There Omega,” players embark on a resource management and survival adventure set in the farthest reaches of space. This project stands out with its unique blend of roguelike and narrative elements, focusing on exploration, resource management, and alien interaction rather than combat. “Out There Omega” was recognized as a finalist in the Indie Prize Awards for “Best Narrative” in 2015, showcasing the game’s compelling storytelling and engaging mechanics.

Move or Die: Fast-Paced Fun with Friends

“Move or Die” is a party title that keeps players on their toes with a simple premise: keep moving, or you’ll explode. With rapid rounds, constantly changing rules, and a variety of game modes, “Move or Die” offers a unique and fast-paced multiplayer experience. This title has been praised for its frenetic gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and humor. It was selected for the IP Showcase numerous times, including Europe 2015, reflecting its recognition within the indie community.

Among the Sleep: Fear Through a Child’s Eyes

“Among the Sleep” stands out with its unique premise: players navigate from a toddler’s perspective, experiencing a chilling narrative that blurs the line between imagination and reality. This first-person horror adventure game was awarded the Spillprisen 2014 for “Best Art Direction” for its hauntingly beautiful graphics. It has since remained a standout example of the potential of narrative in video games.

Amphora: A Shadow Play of Love and War

“Amphora” is a puzzle game known for its striking visuals that mimic the style of shadow theater. Players guide a girl through various stages of life by manipulating objects, creating an intricate shadow play of love, war, and other facets of the human experience. A finalist in the IP Europe 2015, “Amphora” is an excellent example of how video games can serve as an artistic medium to explore complex themes.

Klang: Rhythm and Action Harmonized

“Klang” successfully combines rhythm and action gaming to create an immersive audio-visual experience. Players control Klang, a neon-clad warrior fighting his way through a world defined by sound, in a quest to regain his lost rhythm. “Klang” is recognized for its seamless fusion of rhythm-based mechanics with traditional platforming action, and it received an honorable mention in Excellence in Audio at the Indie Prize Showcase.

Party Hard: Stealth, Strategy, and a Whole Lot of Fun

“Party Hard” is a unique blend of stealth and strategy where players control a fed-up neighbor trying to shut down noisy parties – permanently. The game’s quirky premise, pixel-art aesthetic, and tactical gameplay have made it a fan favorite in the Tiny Build franchises. “Party Hard” took home the “Best Game Design” and “Critic’s Choice” awards at the Indie Prize Europe 2015, cementing its status as a standout indie project.

Guns, Gore, and Cannoli: A Roaring Rampage of Fun

“Guns, Gore and Cannoli” is a fast-paced action game that mixes classic run-and-gun gameplay elements with a comedic narrative set in the roaring ’20s. Players navigate through a zombie-infested city, battling rival gangsters and the undead alike. Known for its humorous take on mobster clichés and satisfying side-scrolling action, “Guns, Gore and Cannoli” was a finalist in the Indie Prize showcase.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

All these games exemplify the innovation, creativity, and diversity that indie brings to the gaming industry. All of the distinguished participants in the Indie Prize showcase the potential of independent developers to redefine gaming and deliver unique, unforgettable experiences.

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