Indie Prize Belgrade 2015: First Steps on the Path to Popularity

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In the ever-expanding universe of video games, the truly unique games that offer a fresh experience are the ones that leave a lasting impression. Here, we will delve into five such games: “Skyhill,” “King’s Rush,” “Train Valley,” “Steampunker,” and “Atomworks.” We’ll explore their distinctive features, accolades, and their participation in the Indie Prize at Belgrade in 2015.

Skyhill: Survival in the Vertigo-Inducing Heights

Mandragora’s “Skyhill” is a unique take on the survival genre with its emphasis on vertical exploration. The player, ensconced in the penthouse of a luxurious hotel when a bio-warfare apocalypse strikes, must descend through 100 randomly-generated levels to escape, facing hunger, crafting challenges, and relentless foes. The haunting, hand-drawn art style and the roguelike elements make each playthrough a new experience. Its unique approach earned “Skyhill” the ‘Most Promising Game in Development’ award in the Indie Prize.

King’s Rush: Fun-Loving Destruction

In the world of browser-based titles, “King’s Rush” is a standout title. Developed by Smokoko, it blends side-scrolling action with explosive gameplay. Players control a weaponized cart to crush obstacles, enemies, and amass treasure. What sets “King’s Rush” apart is its delightfully chaotic gameplay and vibrant, cartoonish graphics. This fun, fast-paced project creates an exciting, engaging experience that keeps players coming back for more. “King’s Rush” participated in Indie Prize 2015, showcasing its unique approach to the browser games.

Train Valley: Tactical Tracks

“Train Valley” is a train tycoon puzzle that demands strategic thinking. Players build and manage elaborate rail systems, balancing economic constraints, geographical challenges, and increasingly complex levels. The game’s minimalist art style and charming aesthetic, coupled with its complex puzzle-solving mechanics, have earned it a dedicated fan base. It is obvious that such a fresh sip in the Tycoon Genre made it possible for “Train Valley” to receive the “Best Family Friendly” award at the Indie Prize.

Steampunker: A Glimpse into an Alternate World

“Steampunker” by Telehorse is an adventure set in a captivating steampunk universe. With its detailed hand-drawn graphics and intricate puzzles, it offers players a richly immersive experience. The project is well-regarded for its intricate art style, atmospheric soundtrack, and challenging gameplay, successfully creating a vivid steampunk world for players to explore. “Steampunker” won the ‘Best Game Art’ at the Indie Prize, confirming its artistic achievements.

Atomworks: Quantum Puzzling

Atomworks“, developed by Madox, is a minimalist puzzle title inspired by quantum physics. Players manipulate atoms to create molecules, guided by a sleek, intuitive interface. It offers a unique, calming puzzle experience while subtly introducing players to quantum mechanics concepts. Its fusion of science and puzzle-solving has made “Atomworks” a standout title in the genre. The project’s original concept and execution were recognized at the Indie Prize 2015, where it was a finalist.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

Each of these games offers unique experiences, pushing the boundaries of their respective genres. Whether it’s the vertical survival of “Skyhill,” the chaotic fun of “King’s Rush,” the strategic railway management in “Train Valley,” the richly drawn steampunk universe of “Steampunker,” or the calming quantum physics-based puzzles in “Atomworks,” these games represent the variety and innovation in the world of indie games.

Their participation in the Indie Prize not only highlights their individual achievements but also underscores the importance of such events in providing a platform for indie developers to showcase their creativity and originality. These games remind us of the wealth of unique experiences that await the gaming landscape.

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