Indie Prize Asia 2017: Unveiling the Magic of Unique Gaming Experiences

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Indie Prize Asia 2017

One of the most interesting years in the history of the Indie Prize, as many well-known indie projects, took part here. The event was so popular in China that it attracted investors like Adcolony, Unity, Tenjin, and Amazon. For some of them, this Showcase provided a path to the top of popularity, and today we will just talk about such titles. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of independent games!

Sara is Missing — Pioneering the Found-Phone Genre

Kickstarting our indie game spotlight is the innovative Sara is Missing, a thrilling narrative adventure from Monsoon Lab. Sara is Missing, known for pioneering the found-phone genre, takes players on a suspenseful quest to locate a missing woman named Sara through the digital footprints left on her mobile device. Its engaging story and immersive gameplay secured its recognition in the Indie Prize. It led to the emergence of a new genre within the gaming sphere.

Mushroom Wars 2 — Revolutionizing Real-Time Strategy

In the realm of real-time strategies, Mushroom Wars 2 by Zillion Whales has created its own niche. Its unique combination of adorable graphics and strategic depth offers a balance between accessibility and complexity that has resonated with a wide audience. The project’s ability to provide an engaging multiplayer experience led to a high peak online, establishing it as a robust contender in the RTS genre.

Monster Prom — Redefining the Dating Sim

Next, we step into the absurdly humorous world of Monster Prom. Developed by Beautiful Glitch, this dating simulator distinguished itself through its zany art style, diverse cast of characters, and innovative multiplayer mode. Its distinct charm and the communal hilarity it offers have secured its place as a popular multiplayer dating sim. 

At this event, the first part of the series grabbed the award for the best narrative. In the future, Monster Prom has collected more than 10,000 reviews on Steam. The team from Beautiful Glitch also conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign to create new titles in the series.

Rhythm Doctor — Fusing Music and Medicine

A clever title in the rhythm genre, Rhythm Doctor by 7th Beat Games masterfully combines music and medicine into a gaming experience like no other. The project’s unique “one-button” mechanic, synchronizing with the beat of the music to “treat” patients, has been widely acclaimed for its creativity. 

This innovation in gameplay mechanics has led to numerous positive reviews and notable recognition within the gaming industry. Currently, Rhythm Doctor continues to receive support in the Early Access program, and 16,000 positive reviews on Steam indicate the right direction for the project.

Lila’s Tale — Expanding the VR Landscape

Skullfish Studios introduces us to a charming VR experience with Lila’s Tale. This virtual reality project presents players with a unique, hands-free gaming experience where they guide Lila through various puzzles using their gaze. This innovative use of VR technology gained Lila’s Tale an Indie Prize nomination, making it a notable title within the VR sector.

Detention — A Haunting Historical Perspective

Detention, created by Red Candle Games, has garnered significant attention for its atmospheric horror narrative steeped in Taiwanese history. Its unsettling atmosphere, evocative art style, and poignant narrative led to numerous accolades, including the “Best Adventure Game” by IGN. Detention’s success showcases how indie projects can skillfully blend history and horror into a compelling experience, which was confirmed at the Indie Prize that year, allowing the game to enter the top five finalists in the narrative category.

Cat Quest — A Feline Fantasy Adventure

The Gentlebros’ Cat Quest provides a delightful open-world RPG experience in a universe populated by felines. This charming title has players embarking on an epic journey to rescue their kidnapped sister. 

Cat Quest is a heartwarming adventure with its delightful graphics, engaging combat system, and amusing cat puns. It’s a title that will appeal to cat lovers and RPG fans alike, providing a fun-filled experience with its simplistic yet engaging gameplay. This loveable feline adventure has received many sequels and multiple award nominations, highlighting the project’s significant appeal.

Sairento VR — Ninja Action in Virtual Reality

Sairento VR, developed by Mixed Realms, stands as a thrilling example of action-packed VR gaming. Sairento VR is widely praised for its innovative gameplay, offering a high-octane, immersive ninja experience. It has become a must-play for VR enthusiasts. With a unique locomotion system and high-impact gameplay, it provides a thrilling, fast-paced, immersive, exhilarating experience. Sairento VR’s successful blend of traditional and futuristic elements has solidified its reputation within the VR gaming scene.

Dying! Reborn — A Puzzle Horror Experience

Nekcom Entertainment’s Dying! Reborn delivers an unnerving escape room experience with its eerie aesthetics and complex puzzles. Players find themselves trapped in a bizarre, desolate place and must solve a series of complicated puzzles to survive. This immersive game provides a captivating storyline, intricate puzzles, and an eerie atmosphere that keeps players on edge from start to finish. That year, Dying! Reborn was in the top five VR titles at the Indie Prize, and although it didn’t pick up an award there, luck later turned in its favor on IndiePlay.

60 Seconds — A Darkly Humorous Take on Survival

Rounding out our overview is 60 Seconds, an unconventional survival game from Robot Gentleman. This title, centered around surviving in a bunker after a nuclear blast, has been lauded for its dark humor and strategic gameplay. Its unique concept and success in delivering a distinctive survival experience have resulted in high player reviews and broad appeal among fans of the genre.

Concluding the Indie Exploration

In conclusion, these ten indie titles demonstrate the exceptional diversity and creative innovation that thrive within the independent gaming industry. Their achievements, unique features, and the recognition they’ve earned are a testament to the boundless creativity of indie developers. Whether you’re a hardcore or a casual player, there’s a unique indie game out there waiting to captivate your interest.

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