How to beat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight: Shadow of the Erdtree boss

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Shadow of the Erdtree contains more than a dozen bosses, and in this guide, we will tell you how to beat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, one of the first bosses you will meet.

Elden Ring Rellana may be the first boss you encounter in Shadow of the Erdtree. Rellana’s appearance will remind Soulslikes fans of Pontiff Sulyvahn from Dark Souls 3. However, she is much more agile, so this guide will tell you how to beat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight from the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. Rellana is a mandatory boss and can be found at the end of Castle Ensis.

How to defeat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight

Before the boss fight with Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, you can summon Needle Knight Leda and/or Dryleaf Dane. We recommend summoning only Leda. You can also, of course, summon your Spirit Ash, it’s best to summon Mimic Tear. Rellana, Twin Moon Knight is a very swift boss with resistance to Fire and Magic, but she is weak to Frostbite, Lightning, and Holy. Her stance is relatively easy to break if you parry her attacks twice in a row.

We recommend using light armor in Rellana’s boss fight to keep up with her fight pace, as well as Light Greatswords, such as Milady, which can be found in a chest in the same Castle Ensis near Miquella’s Cross. You can also equip Pearldrake Talisman to reduce elemental damage.

Rellana, Twin Moon Knight has two phases: during the first, she primarily uses either chains of melee attacks or ranged Magic attacks. During the second phase, Rellana uses Glintstone and Messmer’s Flame elemental attacks. The main feature of Rellana, Twin Moon Knight is long combos: for example, a Magic attack can end with an instant sword strike, so it’s essential to patiently track her moveset to avoid getting caught in a chain of her attacks.

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Rellana, Twin Moon Knight’s first phase

During phase one, in close combat, Rellana uses her swords, and in this case, it’s better to try to parry her in order to stagger her and deal a critical hit. At long range, Rellana typically uses a combination of Glintblade Phalanx, Glintstone Arcs, and Carian Greatsword. All these spells have an explicit setup, so you will definitely have time to recognize them and roll dodge in time. During this phase of the fight, it’s important not to get overwhelmed by her fast combos and not rush to counterattack her before she finishes her attack.

Thus Rellana, Twin Moon Knight has the following movesets during phase one. Physical attacks:

Magic attacks:

There is usually a short pause after each spell, giving you a window to counterattack. So, let’s take a closer look at Rellana, Twin Moon Knight’s  magical attacks:

  1. Glintblade Phalanx: Rellana casts either three glintblades above her, which automatically chase you with a delay, or three darker glintblades in front of her, which attack you without a delay. During the second phase, Rellana casts seven upper and seven lower glintblades simultaneously, so be careful! It’s best to roll into them, followed by a run towards the right side of the boss to dodge them.
  2. Carian Greatsword: Rellana raises one of her swords and casts a giant magical greatsword, slamming it to the ground, and then sweeps it around the arena, dealing area damage. It’s easy to roll and jump from this attack.
  3. Glintstone Arcs: During the first phase, Rellana casts one fast horizontal Glintstone Arc, which is easy to roll from. During the second phase, Rellana casts a combo of two vertical arcs, two horizontal arcs, and a final straight forward circular saw-like arc.

In a boss fight with Rellana, the general advice is to parry her physical swords attacks and dodge her magical attacks.

Rellana, Twin Moon Knight’s second phase

At half health, Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, enters phase two, igniting her blades with Glintstone Magic and Messmer’s Flame. Several more combos are added to the attacks from the first phase: the Fire Tornado is especially dangerous, and you need to roll away from it as quickly as possible. Glintstone Arcs will appear more often: it’s better to simply run sideways from the vertical ones and jump over or roll over the horizontal ones. Also, consider that Flame Sword attacks (in her left hand) may end with a subsequent explosion with AoE damage.

During phase two, the following Magic attacks are added to Rellana’s moveset:

Rellana’s signature move is the Twin Moons spell. Before casting this spell, Rellana, Twin Moon Knight, will rise into the air and create two moons’ projectiles, after which she will slam them down to the ground one after the other, then slam herself. This spell deals the most AoE damage and can be an instant kill for you, but it’s actually not difficult to dodge if the timing is right: jump or roll at the exact moment the moon hits the ground, you will need to do three dodges in a row. Defeating Rellana, Twin Moon Knight will reward you with 240,000 Runes and Remembrance of the Twin Moon Knight, which can be exchanged for Rellana’s Twinblade or Rellana’s Twin Moons.


In this guide, we’ve covered the boss’s basic moveset as well as some tips and tricks against Rellana, Twin Moon Knight. If you are still struggling in this boss fight, you can summon an online player for help. Depending on which way you go, you may encounter Rellana as the first or as the second boss, the other being the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, so read our guide on how to defeat it.

Share in the comments how many attempts it took you to defeat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight!

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