How to beat Divine Beast Dancing Lion: Shadow of the Erdtree boss

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Elden Ring DLC is out now, and in this guide, we will tell you how to beat Divine Beast Dancing Lion, one of the first bosses you will meet.

Since Shadow of the Erdtree generally increases the enemies’ difficulty level, you might think that Divine Beast Dancing Lion is a tough boss, but this is not the case. This guide will help you figure out how to defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion and what strategies are effective against it. You can find the Divine Beast Dancing Lion at the top of Belurat, Tower Settlement.

How to defeat Divine Beast Dancing Lion

Before the boss fight with Divine Beast Dancing Lion, you can summon Redmane Freyja, which will help you significantly, but this will increase the boss’ health. You can also, of course, summon your Spirit Ash. This boss does not require any special weapons or build, so you can use what you are comfortable with. However, Fire, Bleed, and Scarlet Rot are effective against Divine Beast Dancing Lion. It’s immune to Lightning and Frostbite. Dancing Lion is easy to stance-break to get critical hits.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion has two phases: during the first, it primarily uses either melee attacks, slamming its body into the ground with area damage, or a ranged wind attack. During the second phase, Dancing Lion uses lightning, ice, and wind elemental attacks. When the Divine Beast Dancing Lion stands up and snaps its mouth, it will try to grab you, which can cause you significant damage or become an instant kill.

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Divine Beast Dancing Lion’s first phase

So, to beat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, run away from its wind area attacks and roll away its melee attacks and slams. You have a good window to attack when the Dancing Lion rears up and slams to the ground, after which you can try to stun it and land some critical hits. The first phase doesn’t last long, so it’s only important to consider the timings of dodges and attacks.

Dancing Lion has the following attacks in phase one:

Usually, Divine Beast Dancing Lion’s boss fight starts with Wind breath, from which you can simply run or roll to the side. The Dancing Lion will then leap towards and try to bite you, this attack can be blocked with a shield or dodged by rolling. When the Dancing Lion throws its head back, it’s going to hit the ground, and if it stands on its hind legs, a spinning whirlwind attack is possible: in both cases, it’s better to run away or roll away to avoid AoE damage.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion’s second phase

At about 65% health, Divine Beast Dancing Lion enters the second phase, which always begins with lightning bolts. Elemental attacks will change every 20-30 seconds, so it’s better just to run away and roll away from the lightning since these strikes are the most dangerous. However, even during this time, you can catch the timing when Divine Beast Dancing Lion is not casting lightning and you can counterattack it.

Lightning can be followed by ice, which will build up Frostbite on you if you get caught. Ice attacks also create ice spikes on the floor with area damage around Dancing Lion, so try to just jump over these spikes. Sometimes, Dancing Lion will raise its foot to stomp and do an AoE Frost Slam; this attack is relatively easy to dodge, which gives you another good attack window.

Divine Beast Dancing Lion’s third elemental attack is wind. These attacks are pretty easy to dodge, including its ranged attacks and slow tornadoes. At low health, Divine Beast Dancing Lion will start using all attacks at once, making it almost impossible to get close to it. In this case, it’s better to dodge its strikes and use the windows for ranged attacks.  If the Dancing Lion successfully bites and grabs you during phase two, the next time you use your Flask of Crimson Tears, the boss will also be healed.

So, you should try to track the Divine Beast Dancing Lion’s moveset, dodging its attacks by running, rolling, or jumping accordingly. You are guaranteed to receive 90,000 or 120,000 Runes, Remembrance of the Dancing Lion, and Divine Beast Head helmet for defeating the Divine Beast Dancing Lion. Remembrance can be exchanged for Enraged Divine Beast or Ash of War: Divine Beast Frost Stomp.


In this guide, we’ve covered the boss’s basic moveset as well as counterattack strategies so you can defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion. If you are still struggling in this boss fight, you can summon an online player for help. We also recommend reading our Shadow of the Erdtree overview, where we discuss the DLC story without spoilers.

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