Hades II: Everything we know so far

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Hades 2 was announced at TGA 2022 and instantly became one of the most expected games. It was a surprise to everyone, and especially for the Supergiant Games fans, as this is the first sequel to one of their games ever. The Godlike Roguelike is back and we’ve compiled everything we know about this game so far, and then some theories on top of that.

Please note that this article will have spoilers for the original Hades game and its plot.

Main Character: Melinoë

This time around we will be playing as Zagreus’s sister – Melinoë, daughter of Hades and Persephone and rightful Princess of the Underworld.

Visually, Mel has the same Laurel Wreath as her older brother and dad; she has heterochromia same as Zagreus, except her left eye is Persephone’s and right is Hades’s; Melinoë also travels barefoot, with her feet being engulfed by flames the same way it is for men in her family. Her weapons of choice are a dagger and a sickle that she dual-wields, but it is more than likely that new weapons will become available throughout the game. Melinoë seems to be missing her right arm, and having it replaced with an ethereal see-through “prosthetic” with visible bones. It is currently unknown if this special arm will have any practical uses, but it is entirely possible.

To quote Supergiant, Melinoë is “an immortal witch and sorceress with powerful magical abilities“, and she’s also known as Goddess of the Moon and bringer of nightmares in myths.

Hades II Characters:

Hecate, the Goddess of Witchcraft

Wise and mysterious mentor to Melinoë. She wields two torches that she can use as a blunt weapon or cast fireballs with. She debuted in Hades II trailer along with Melinoë, where at first she might’ve seemed as a villain, however it is shortly revealed that their fight was a mere sparring match within Melinoë’s training. Hecate also shares hatred towards Cronos, indicated by their mantra stating: “Death to Cronos“.

Moros, the Doom incarnate

Nyx’s son and a God of doom, Moros will be one of the Gods to talk to at Hecate’s Coven between your runs.

Apollo, the God of Light

First Olympian God on the list. Apollo’s boons might be centered around the “Daze” status effect.

Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution

A returning God from Hades in a way. Zagreus didn’t meet her in person throughout the first game, however “Aspect of Nemesis” was available for his Stygian Blade weapon. And yes, Nemesis appears to be holding exactly that weapon in her sprite that was revealed with the Hades II trailer.

Dora, the Listless Shade

Little shade, that seems to be fitting the same role of cute and adorable friend similar to Dusa, from the original Hades game.

Cronos, the Titan of Time

Although not yet shown, Cronos is set up to be the main antagonist of Hades II. It is very interesting to see what Cronos would look like in Hades art style, because we’ve never actually seen a Titan in the first game. From what we’ve known the Titans were torn apart and their pieces scattered throughout Tartarus, but it never actually explicitly said that they were dead. What’s more — there’s a high chance that it is Cronos’ magic that will send Melinoë in a roguelike loop this time, as Cronos is the time itself.

Story of Hades II

It is pretty safe to assume that Hades II takes place several years after the original game, due to Melinoë’s existence — in the first game Hades made it extremely clear that Zagreus was his only child from Persephone, at least at the time. So this leads us to believe that Mel was, in fact, born after the first game.

Cronos has Hades captured. It is unknown how Cronos reconstructed himself, but we’re led to believe that he’s fuming with rage at his sons for what they did to him and his kind. Melinoë is determined to save her father, and in pursuit of this goal undergoes training with Hecate. Hecate also has a reason to want Cronos dead, and thus she trains Mel to become a titanslayer. And that’s where the game pretty much starts. Or at least we think it does from all the available information at our disposal.

Gameplay of Hades II

Hades 2 gameplay seems to be “more of the same”, but in a good way, as gameplay of the first Hades was highly praised. You’ll once again be pushing your way through everchanging mystical world, collecting boons, building your character as you go, die and try again and again. This time we’re promised a bigger world, tougher foes, more boons and combinations and a big accent on the protagonist’s magic abilities.

Hades II release date

We don’t know the release date for Hades II, but it is confirmed to launch as an early access title somewhere in 2023 on PC. Unfortunately, consoles will have to wait for full release somewhere down the line.

Other things of note about Hades II

You can see how Melinoe’s model is much more detailed than Zagreus’s
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