Gollum’s Woes: Developer Apologizes and Promises Fixes

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Gollum's Woes: Developer Apologizes and Promises Fixes

Daedalic Entertainment has issued an apology for the controversial release of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. 

Launched on May 25, the title has amassed a barrage of negative reviews. It’s impossible to enjoy the game, to the point that people deem it the worst game of the year so far. Throughout their experience, players experienced many glitches, outdated graphics, and various other hindrances. According to a reviewer on GameSpot, Gollum crashed 120 times during their playthrough. And if you think this is terrible, check out penguinz0. He literally had the game crash while sitting at the menu.

Or, you can take a brief look at how Gollum performs in this two-minute Asmongold video:

And so, in a sincere statement, Daedalic expressed regret for not meeting fans’ expectations and their own. The studio acknowledged the underwhelming reception from the community. They mentioned that they have been actively listening to players’ feedback. Thus, revealing that they are working on fixing the various technical issues and bugs plaguing the game. The team is determined to release comprehensive patches so gamers can enjoy the title’s full potential. They also promise to keep fans informed about incoming updates and upgrades. 

Gollum's Woes: Developer Apologizes and Promises Fixes

Originally, Daedalic planned to release a version of the game for Nintendo Switch. However, it’s unclear what the team will do now based on how things are going. Stay tuned for further updates as Daedalic strives to redeem itself and regain the trust of the community.

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