NASL Bids Farewell to StarCraft II Community

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NASL Bids Farewell to StarCraft II Community

The eSports realm experienced a stir when the North American Star League (NASL), a trailblazer in the North American eSports circuit, declared its departure from the StarCraft II scene.

NASL’s Departure from WCS America: The End of an Era

The NASL has signaled to Blizzard Entertainment, the torchbearers of StarCraft II, about its cessation of operations for WCS America. Fans and gaming enthusiasts can take solace in the fact that the league will flourish under the stewardship of Blizzard. More information about this transition is forthcoming on Blizzard’s dedicated WCS website.

Reflecting on NASL’s Notable Journey

Since coming to life over three years ago, NASL’s zeal for promoting eSports in North America has been unparalleled. Their growth has been both significant and steady, characterized by pioneering efforts in daily eSports broadcasts, particularly for StarCraft II.

NASL’s Remarkable Contribution: Innovations and Expansion

Kicking off their live broadcasts in 2011, NASL revealed an enthralling, lively dimension of StarCraft eSports. Their successful unveiling of NASL Sunday ShowDown in 2012 cemented their reputation as a fun, engaging force in the eSports landscape. In 2013, they further amplified their creative strides by launching “The Pulse,” a dynamic eSports talk show brimming with interviews, game highlights, and interactive segments.

NASL and Blizzard: A Partnership Etched in eSports History

NASL’s partnership with Blizzard for the StarCraft II: World Championship Series in America punctuated their devotion to the game. Even with an array of other projects at hand, they successfully amplified their studio capacity to ensure top-notch, daily StarCraft II broadcasts.

As the curtain falls on NASL’s StarCraft journey, their indelible mark on eSports remains. They convey a sincere appreciation to their partners, sponsors, friends, and most importantly, their loyal fans. Their journey underscores their enduring passion for StarCraft and eSports in general. “Good Game, Well Played (GGWP)”, indeed.”

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