Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: Romina Saint of the Bud guide

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In this Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree (SoTE) Romina Saint of the Bud guide, you will find all the tips and tricks you need to defeat this boss.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: Romina Saint of the Bud guide

Continuing our series of Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree boss guide, here are some tips and tricks to get you on the right track and defeat this boss. Romina is not an optional boss. You need to defeat it to advance in Shadow of the Erdtree. So this guide will become very handy for you.

Special thanks to Fextralife for his Romina Saint of the Bud guide, which has helped us overcome this challenging adversary and create this guide.

How to find Romina Saint of the Bud

Romina Saint of the Bud leads the Church of the Bud. To locate her, visit the Church of the Bud, situated on the west side of the Ancient Ruins of Rauh. For detailed directions, refer to Dan Allen Gaming’s video below:

Elden Ring Romina Saint of the Bud guide: General advice

Quick tip:

You can summon Dryleaf Dane for support in this battle. You can find Dryleaf Dane’s summon sign just outside the fog wall at the church entrance. He doesn’t have exceptionally high damage output, but he effectively distracts Romina during the fight.

Romina Saint of the Bud guide for phase 1

Romina typically opens combat with a centipede sweep, often followed by another sweep that requires dodging into it. However, if you manage to close the distance after the first sweep, you can disrupt her follow-up move by landing a hit.

During the battle, Romina may use a quick slash-and-dash move if you stay too close. After she dashes away, move in cautiously to avoid potential attacks like her grab or Scorpion tail strike. For these moves, it’s effective to dodge toward her to evade the attack and counterattack for additional damage.

Keep an eye on Romina’s polearm; its enchantment status affects whether it inflicts Scarlet Rot upon hitting you. When unenchanted, she tends to execute a basic attack pattern, often consisting of three consecutive strikes.

When fighting up close, Romina may execute a sweep with her enchanted polearm. Sometimes, she ends this combo there, but she can also follow with an overhead strike leading into a plunging attack. Watch for her needle to flash pink before dodging this plunging attack; this creates a prime opportunity to strike back.

In some phases of the fight, if you’re far away, Romina may perform an enchanted sweep attack. Dodge towards her during this move to avoid the sweep and set up a chance for counterattack.

When Romina prepares her grab attack, she spins her polearm towards you. Dodge towards her to evade the attack and deal damage.

Her final typical move sequence begins with a roll attack, leading into a slam and sweep combo. Dodge the initial roll, then move right to avoid the subsequent attacks and keep yourself safe.

Romina’s special attacks

Romina has two special attacks:

Double 360 spin polearm attack

During the battle, Romina employs a double spin with her polearm. To avoid this attack, it’s recommended to dodge left initially, followed by another leftward dodge after a short delay. This sequence creates a brief opening for a counterattack. However, it may be quite hard to pull off as she’s often far away after performing this attack.

Centipede-tails 360 spin attack

Romina curls up her centipede-tails and spins them in a full 360-degree motion. Stay close and dodge into her to avoid the damage from the initial two attacks. Doing so should safeguard against being hit by the subsequent third attack. This strategy ensures minimal damage and positions you well to capitalize on any openings for counterattacks.

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Romina Saint of the Bud guide for phase 2

At around 50% HP, Romina enters phase 2. While her basic combos remain unchanged. She begins by summoning a swarm of butterflies that cause damage and inflict Scarlet Rot. Once she floats into the air, she detonates the butterflies around the arena, spreading damage and rot. When this attack starts, quickly retreat to a safe area free of exploding butterflies. Avoid them until the attack concludes and the fight returns to normal. This move recurs several times throughout phase 2, with increasingly faster summoning speeds requiring quicker reactions.

Romina also performs a new attack sequence of three consecutive lunges. Each lunge has a slight delay and is best dodged to the left, particularly the final lunge, which summons exploding butterflies behind her. Dodging left will steer you clear of both her path and the explosions.

We hope that this Romina Saint of the Bud guide has helped you in your battle against her. Once again, special thanks to Fextralife for his video as it lays the groundwork for this guide! Be sure to give it a look:

Romina Saint of the Bud rewards

Defeating Romina, you’ll get the following rewards:

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