E3 2023 Canceled: A Major Let Down for Fans

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The Electronic Software Association (ESA) has officially confirmed the cancelation of E3 2023.

E3 is a highly anticipated annual trade show in the video game industry. It’s a special time for game creators, publishers, and hardware manufacturers. They take part in showing off new games, consoles, and technologies. Not only professionals, but also gamers are interested in the occasion. As it provides an opportunity to learn about what’s coming up in the gaming world. Since it first started in 1995, E3 has become one of the most important events in the industry.

However, recent years have seen its popularity wane. Many developers opt to host their own digital events. For example, Nintendo’s Direct, Sony’s State of Play, and Microsoft’s Xbox Showcase. And in a major letdown for gaming enthusiasts worldwide, the largest convention of the year will not be happening.

After weeks of mounting speculation, the decision to cancel E3 2023 has been made. Mostly due to insufficient interest. Organizers had hoped for a larger turnout and a greater degree of industry enthusiasm. But unfortunately, these expectations were not met. Consequently, the event’s size and scope could not be justified. With many industry players confirming their absence, E3 has finally made an announcement on their official Twitter. Thus, confirming that both digital and physical events are out of the question.

This is not the first time E3 has been canceled. Back in 2022, it didn’t come to pass, either. All because of the persistent health hazards posed by COVID-19. The ESA had announced then that E3 would return in 2023 in a “revitalized showcase.” But at the time of writing, those plans have now been scrapped.

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