Cocoon: A Puzzle-Platformer Gem

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Cocoon: A Puzzle-Platformer Gem

Jeppe Carlsen, the lead game designer of Limbo and Inside, has returned with a puzzle-platformer gem called “Cocoon.”

The title has garnered exceptional praise from esteemed gaming publications. The game has already secured a notable Metacritic rating of 89/100 based on insightful reviews from 27 sources.

Cocoon challenges players to journey through many worlds. The main character can carry these worlds as spheres on their back. Meanwhile, they have to navigate various locations, explore their surroundings, and solve puzzles. And, of course, adrenaline-pumping boss battles also await.

Reviewers hailed Cocoon for its original and intuitive puzzles. The gameplay seamlessly transitions from one challenge to another. And so, players’ minds are consistently engaged with exciting surprises during the 5-6 hours of gameplay it offers. They rarely find themselves stuck in any problem for too long. Other than that, the game’s aesthetic brilliance and captivating animations received well-deserved applause. However, some critics noted that the boss battles are quite simple.

Leading gaming publications like Eurogamer and IGN highly recommended Cocoon. Gamers who love Limbo and Inside will definitely come to adore the new game. Eurogamer noted that players can expect a real surprise at the end of the game.

Gamers are eagerly anticipating the impending release of Cocoon on multiple platforms. They are eagerly counting down the hours to its highly-anticipated debut on September 29.

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