11 Best Games To Play With Your Significant Other

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Whether you’re planning a full-on Valentine’s Day date or just want to casually spend some quality time with your partner, gaming can be a great way for you to bond and share a laugh. There are a lot of great titles that can be played in a cooperative mode online or on a single device from the comfort of your couch. Without leaving your house, you can have tons of fun, discover great new stories, and even strengthen your relationships by working together on puzzles and decisions.

For all gamer couples and everyone willing to introduce their partner to the world of gaming, we’ve made a list of the best games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Keeping in mind that your and your loved one’s levels of experience and skills may differ, we’ve made sure to cover games for all types of players, including those who have never touched a controller before.

Buckle up, lovebirds, and let’s dive right into it!

The Just Dance series

The idea behind the game is pretty simple: all you have to do is dance. Mirroring the moves shown on the screen, you can either compete with each other or co-op for a couple dance. There are more than a dozen of games in the main series alone, not to mention all the spin-offs and specials with hundreds of popular songs for you to rock out to. Who needs clubs when you can watch your partner dance their heart out in your living room, all while having a blast yourself?

It Takes Two

This is by far one of the best couch co-op video games couples can play together, not only because the main characters are a couple as well. It Takes Two is a symbolic, heartwarming story that will entrance you from the very first minutes. Following a soon-to-be-divorced couple trapped in a fantasy world, you’ll battle enemies and work your way around puzzles and obstacles, also helping the characters rediscover their relationships once again. A visual spectacle with a message, this game is definitely worth your while, especially on one of these cold winter nights.

Until Dawn

A great title for those who like to tickle their nerves, Until Dawn is an immersive cinematic masterpiece that literally puts you inside a horror movie where you are the one behind the narrative wheel. Who will live, and who is doomed to die? It’s up to you and your loved one to decide!

Although this game does not have a co-op mode, it’s still fantastic to experience it with your partner as you can do all the decision-making together, playing in turn or having one of you simply watch the whole thing as a movie.

Unravel 2

Designed specifically for co-op, Unravel 2 is one of the best video games to play as a couple. It’s a spectacular emotional journey, perfect for sharing with your partner while cozied up on the couch with blankets and hot chocolate. And we don’t even need to say anything else here, because you should just get the game and try it out!


If you think that cooking together is relaxing, you have definitely never played Overcooked. Taking on the role of restaurant chefs, you will have to cook meals, while navigating various obstacles and challenges on your way. Sounds easy? Wait until it all turns into pure chaos, and the two of you start yelling at each other when those onions are not cut on time.

Fast-paced and extremely fun, the Overcooked games test your reaction time and trouble-shooting skills to the fullest, also giving you tons of things to laugh about. But be careful: these lovely little simulators may turn your loved one into a Gordon Ramsey from Hell!

World of Warcraft

Taking up an MMO together is a whole new step in a relationship, and both of you should be ready for such a commitment. Just kidding! The genre actually houses lots of terrific multiplayer games for couples, with WoW rightfully being one of the best titles to venture into. Just imagine the sheer amount of fun you’ll have leveling up together, exploring the in-game world, and grinding through the main story like the total power couple that you are.

Portal 2

Praised for its gameplay and humor, Portal 2 is a gripping puzzle platformer that follows two robots exploring a maze-like science lab. You and your partner will have to team up to maneuver through riddles and obstacles with the help of portals and other high-tech devices. Both hilarious and challenging, the game puts your decision-making skills to the ultimate test. It’s not the easiest title to start with, but once you get used to the mechanics, Portal 2 will treat you to an enthralling adventure you’ll never forget.

A Way Out

A Way Out is a story-driven action-adventure title centered around two inmates trying to escape from prison. There are a ton of decisions to make, and you’ll have to use your wits a lot working as a well-knit team to help the characters fight or trick their way to freedom.

In our list of video games to play with significant others, this title actually stands out as it has a feature very few modern games can pull off. A Way Out allows you to follow the story arcs of both characters at the same time thanks to the special split-screen play mode, so you can be sure that neither you nor your precious Player 2 will get bored.

Life Is Strange

This game is an artistic puzzle adventure with compelling story arcs and characters that will stay with you for a very long time. Just like Until Dawn, this one is also a single-player game, which, however, doesn’t make it any less engaging and fun. You and your partner will spend hours discussing the decisions to be made and turns to be taken in order to lead the plot where you want it to be. The game’s moral dilemmas will give you a lot to think about and may also help you get to know your partner from an entirely new side.


With its intense gunfights and vibrant colors, the Borderlands series offers great video games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Trust us, it’s so addictive and exciting that you won’t put it down for hours! However, there’s a trick. As an FPS game, Borderlands will involve a hefty share of shooting, so unless your partner lands headshots in Call of Duty for a living, be patient with them and try to help them out as much as you can.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Imagine you are trapped in a room with a bomb, and only your partner knows how to defuse it. That’s exactly the situation this title throws you into. Player 1 sees a time bomb with several puzzles on their screen, while Player 2 has a pack of instructions to go through and figure out how to disarm the device without actually seeing it with their own eyes.

The ultimate teamwork challenge, Keep Talking is an adrenaline-filled rollercoaster that requires immense concentration, guaranteeing one of the most thrilling experiences a video game can give.

Now you know that instead of going on ordinary dates, you can spend time playing the best co-op games with your girlfriend or boyfriend to have the greatest Valentine’s Day a gamer could ever wish for. And in case you’re struggling with your online multiplayer adventures, check out our boosting offers to make your gaming experience much easier and even more fun.

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