WoW Ascension Guide to Decide if You Should Start Playing

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Wow Ascension Guide to Decide if You Should Start Playing

There are countless available activities in World of Warcraft today that won’t let you get bored. Still, sometimes it feels good to switch from habitual gameplay to something new. If you have ever felt like that while playing the game, this WoW Ascension servers review is for you. We will discuss this unique project to help you understand whether you should consider playing it.

What Are WoW Ascension Servers

Ascension servers are a custom World of Warcraft project. The game we all know and love is the core of it, but there are some game-changing features that make Ascension unique. Let’s discuss the project in detail and find out all about it.

Ascension in Essence

The primary feature of the project in question is the classless system. Don’t get it wrong, the classes you are used to are still there. You can be a Shaman or a Paladin and play the game as you know it. However, there is also an option to pick the so-called ‘Hero’ Class.

The Hero Class

This class isn’t bound to any particular abilities. The classless system on WoW Ascension allows you to pick skills and talents from any class. You may combine them to create your own unique character.

How does this work? As a Hero, you have access to the abilities and talent trees of every single class in the game. That includes everything up to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but anything after that is off-limit. For instance, you can use Death Knight’s skills, but you can’t utilize the power of Monks or Demon Hunters.

You will use specific currencies to power up your character. Throughout your leveling and progression on WoW Ascension, you will be getting the so-called Ability Essence and Talent Essence. As the names suggest, those are respectively used to obtain abilities and power up talents. They are limited, which means you won’t be able to gain all the skills in the game.

Furthermore, the primary stat of the Hero character is for you to choose. You can go with Strength, Agility, Intellect, and Spirit. That choice directly depends on what type of character you want to build. For example, Intellect will probably be the best option if you’re trying to create a hybrid of Mage and Warlock.

You can see that customization options on WoW Ascension allow you to make your characters exactly as you see them. You choose the abilities you want to use, power up the talents enhancing those abilities, and go with the primary stat that works best with them. Although the classless system may seem a little chaotic at first, there are actually patterns you can stick to. They might help make the character both fun to play and actually effective in combat.

Limitations and Balancing

If I pick any ability I want, can I just pick all the strongest ones and become the invincible god of the server? Not exactly. The reason is the quality of the skills. WoW Ascension mechanics suggest that all abilities are divided into four groups: Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (orange). Everything is pretty ordinary here in terms of coloring.

The Hero class characters have a certain amount of special points available for each rarity mentioned above. For example, Mage’s Ice Block is considered a legendary spell that will reserve two of your legendary points if you add it to your spell book. In other words, there are only so many abilities of each rarity that you can use simultaneously.

Such character-creation capabilities make it difficult to balance out all the possible builds and create a list of the most viable ones. However, you may choose to forge your path using other players’ experiences on WoW Ascension. People share their builds, and you can easily view them using the Hero Architect function. Here are some things it allows you to check:

Overall, it appears the project is friendly to new players though the classless system seems complex at first. Even if you are new to the server, you can play efficiently thanks to the great community and player interaction on WoW Ascension. But do not forget to explore and experiment by yourself. There are practically limitless combinations of abilities and talents you can use. Maybe you will be the one who breaks the server’s meta.

Other Features of the Project

In addition to the Hero class, there are some other unique things the server can offer you. Class mechanics on WoW Ascension go beyond the combinations of various skills as you can also apply Mystic Enchants to them. Those are special properties of equipment items that improve your abilities and may even affect the gameplay directly.

For example, the Focused Fireball enchant will increase all the damage scaling for the Fireball ability by a certain percentage. This and other enchantments have a chance to occur on any piece of gear you get. It means you don’t need to apply those manually — they are just equipment properties.

Another important feature of the server associated with the endgame content on WoW Ascension is Mythic Dungeons. That won’t necessarily impress Retail players, but the Ascension realms only have Classic WoW and The Burning Crusade. The Mythic difficulty has yet to be introduced. Its arrival is a long-awaited one, even for experienced players, as they can face new challenges in well-known dungeons.

As for the PvP environment, it may appear crazy because of all the ridiculous builds that players make. But you can create such a build yourself! In fact, some people say they’ve had the most fun ever engaging in PvP on the server. So there is much to do on WoW Ascension in terms of both PvP and PvE content.

Realms and Seasons

The project has several realms available, and the core one of them is called Area 52. It currently runs on The Burning Crusade expansion, but it has progressive development. It means you don’t have access to every raid instantly. They open gradually throughout the expansion, along with the appearance of new world bosses and the introduction of new loot. For example, the Hyjal Summit, Black Temple, and Sunwell Plateau raids have not been unlocked on the realm yet.

There are not that many custom quests on WoW Ascension since the project primarily utilizes the content of the expansions of old. However, there is also a seasonal realm called Archimonde that currently allows people to play the Classic version of WoW during a single season. No worries, you won’t lose your character once the season ends — it just gets transferred to the core realm, which is Area 52.

The opportunity to play seasonally is the main feature of WoW Ascension in comparison with other private servers. There is always a lot of content, and many people start their progression over. You won’t have problems looking for a group to complete a low-level dungeon, for example. If you haven’t played the project yet and wish to try it, you won’t feel like you’re falling behind.

Why Play the Project

There are still many things for you to explore on the server, but now you know the basics of what it is like to play the project. It is time to answer the ultimate question — is WoW Ascension worth playing? Let’s summarize the pros of the project first:

And now, let’s see what the cons are:

Now you know all the pros and cons of WoW Ascension, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to play on the server. But we definitely recommend trying it. We believe that both new and experienced players will enjoy playing the project.

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