Dead by Daylight 8th Anniversary: D&D Chapter, 2v8 Mode, and More

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On May 14, during the Dead by Daylight 8th Anniversary stream, the developers presented the new chapter, new mode, and roadmap for the 9th year!

Every year, DBD expands more and more, adding new chapters, new game modes, events, and even new games. This year, BHVR pleased players with the announcement of the Dungeons & Dragons chapter, the long-awaited two vs. eight mode, details of the Twisted Masquerade in-game event with a ton of free rewards, and a few spin-off games: The Casting of Frank Stone, Project T, and What the Fog.

New Game in the Dead by Daylight Universe: What the Fog

At the beginning of the stream, the developers unexpectedly presented a new DBD spin-off game, a co-op roguelite for two players. There are only three playable characters in What the Fog: Dwight Fairfield, Claudette Morel, and Feng Min. To survive and advance to the next level, players will have to run, jump, and fight hordes of monsters. As a nice bonus, BHVR gave away two million copies of the game for free via their website.

New Game in the Dead by Daylight Universe: Project T

Another surprise of the Dead by Daylight 8th Anniversary stream was the announcement of one more spin-off of DBD. Project T is a co-op PvE shooter for four players, which is in an early stage of development.

Midwinter Entertainment, which previously created Scavengers, is developing this game. Last year, Midwinter studio was bought by Behavior Interactive, and at the same time, a new joint project was announced, which was presented to us for the first time on May 14.

New Game in the Dead by Daylight Universe: The Casting of Frank Stone

In addition to the new spin-offs, BHVR finally showed the trailer for the game The Casting of Frank Stone, which is already beloved by many DBD fans. The Casting of Frank Stone is a single-player survival horror and interactive drama developed by Supermassive Games. Said studio is known for hits like Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Quarry.

TCoFS will be in the style of the studio’s previous games. The plot tells about a group of teenagers in 1980 who were going to make a horror movie but stumbled upon the Mill that kept the secrets of a serial killer from the past.

New Dead by Daylight Mode: 2 vs. 8

BHVR will finally present the long-awaited mode two Killers vs eight Survivors this July. It will not be a temporary Modifier, which is already in the game in the form of mini-events, but a full-fledged Mode with its features:

New Dead by Daylight Chapter: Dungeons & Dragons

As we previously reported, Dungeons & Dragons will be the 32nd DBD chapter. The chapter will be released on June 4, includes:

(Source: Behaviour Interactive)

This chapter update will bring many new things to the Dead by Daylight gameplay. Against Vecna, Survivors will roll d20 to gain magical items. But be careful, some chests may be mimics!  The new Survivors are bards, so they could inspire other Survivors with their music.

(Source: Behaviour Interactive)

New Killer the Lich will have four magical abilities, allowing him to fly around the map, cast spells on Survivors, and also use his Mage Hand in chases. The new Map will also feature portals called “Passage,” allowing players to teleport somewhere on the map and many Easter eggs for D&D fans (yes, the Beholder from the teaser is there, too).

(Source: Behaviour Interactive)
(Source: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight In-Game Event “Twisted Masquerade”

(Source: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight was released on June 14, 2016, so the game traditionally hosts an Anniversary celebration in June with lore, quests, and many gifts. Like the previous two years, this year’s in-game event will be “Twisted Masquerade,” giving us our first look at the party host, Jezebel.

(Source: Behaviour Interactive)

Throughout the event, players can unlock 12 masquerade masks for Killers and Survivors, two full outfits for Bill Overbeck (Left 4 Dead) and the Unknown, and purchase a masquerade outfit for Amanda Young, the Pig (Saw).

(Source: Behaviour Interactive)

New Dead by Daylight Chapter: Castlevania

The last surprise of the Dead by Daylight 8th Anniversary stream was a personal announcement from Mathieu Coté: a teaser for a new chapter dedicated to Castlevania, the 1986 game about Dracula. Details will be announced on August 6.


It looks like Dead by Daylight 8th Anniversary is going to be action-packed. The developers also shared a roadmap for the game’s 9th year.

(Source: Behaviour Interactive)

Did you like these announcements? What are you looking forward to most?

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