Diablo 4 Season 5 Treasure Goblins will drop better loot

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Alongside other incredible changes awaiting us in Diablo 4, Season 5 Treasure Goblins will drop better loot upon defeat! 

Season 5 Treasure Goblins

Diablo 4 Season 5, set to launch on August 6, brings many exciting changes. But before its official release, the community, including you, has the opportunity to test all updates and tweaks on the PTR, which runs from June 25 to July 2, 2024.

According to the Patch Notes Blizzard released last week, the quality of loot all Treasure Goblins bear in their bugs has been improved. These mischievous creatures can now drop 2 to 6 Rare-quality items and 1 to 3 Legendary-quality ones. 

What does this mean for you? For example, the higher the number of Legendary items, the lower the number of Rare ones. The reverse is also true; for instance, if 2 Legendary items drop from the Goblin, then 4 Rare ones will drop in addition to them.

Defeating these perky imps not only yields high-quality items but also a chance to earn some gold, depending on your level and World Tier.  For instance, if you are at level 1 and World Tier 1, you can get 40,000 Gold when you defeat the Treasure Goblin. But if you are at level 100 and World Tier 4, you will get 150,000 Gold from it. So, the higher your level and World Tier, the more gold you will rake in!

But what about other valuable items? Rest assured, these Goblins will also drop 1 to 2 Elixirs and different materials, such as Common-quality Ore, Leather, Herbs, and even Gem Fragments. Just like with Gold, you now have an increased chance to obtain some Scattered Prisms based on your World Tier. Let’s take a look:

In addition to these Prisms, those at World Tiers 3 and 4 have a high chance to drop Forgotten Souls, a rare crafting material used for rerolling or upgrading Legendary items.

Although you still have time to test all these updates, the PTR is coming to a close, so you should hurry. If you do not have much time to participate, we at WowVendor are always happy to keep you informed by writing various articles about everything happening in the game, so stay tuned!

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