More Season 5 Helltide updates coming soon in Diablo 4

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According to Blizzard, more Season 5 Helltide updates are coming soon in Diablo 4, with Mythic Uniques dropping from Helltide Mystery Chests and Tortured Gifts no longer containing Murmuring Obols!

Season 5 Helltide

Helltides are special world events in Diablo 4, transforming a random location in the Sanctuary into a nightmarish landscape. During 55 minutes, these affected areas will be filled with meteor showers and demons, all of which are at least three levels higher than your character. 

To participate in the event, you must finish the main campaign and speak with Doomsayer Pira in Kyovashad to pick up the quest The Helltide Rises. Once completed, open your map to identify areas needing your assistance.

Season 5 Helltide

Helltides are available to experience for all four World Tiers, so you can freely partake in their unique challenges by defeating furious bosses and collecting good-quality loot. In Season 5, this event will undergo some changes, so let’s look at what awaits us!

Season 5 Unique and Mythic Unique updates

Since we have discussed Helltides, let’s talk about the Mythic Unique changes awaiting us shortly. Starting from Season 5 on August 6, 2024, you can obtain Mythic Uniques by looting Helltide Mystery Chests, also known as Tortured Gifts. Aside from that, you can find these Uniques at the following places:

Regarding long-awaited changes, Mythic Uniques’ icons and tooltips will be purple, making it easier to identify if your bag has been messy. Plus, a specific sound will indicate that the item that just dropped has a Mythic Unique quality, which is quite helpful!

This change is a blessing for the community, as many players still have difficulty recognizing them thanks to their pale orange color, which makes them look almost similar to Rare and Legendary items. 

Season 5 Helltide

As a result, while some people beg the Developers to resolve this problem, others have started to wonder what Uber (Mythic) Uniques would look like if Blizzard made them more distinctive. Fortunately, the community prayers have been heard, and we will see these changes coming in Season 5!

Other Season 5 Helltide changes: Obols, Whisper bounties, and Baneful Hearts

Another intriguing change applies to Murmuring Obols, a Diablo 4 currency you can use to purchase valuable loot from a Curiosity Vendor. Starting with Season 5, these Obols will no longer be found in Tortured Gifts

Blizzard has made some great updates to the Whisper bounties. The company has reduced the time it takes to complete them, and now there are always enough Whispers to earn 10 Grim Favors within a given Helltide. Plus, the Developers updated their icons to match the other Whispers. Additionally, the Cull Demons Whisper Bounty now includes Fallen, while the Cull Fallen Whisper Bounty has been replaced with Cull Cultists.

When it comes to Baneful Hearts, their drop rate will start at 13% and increase each time you fail to get it. However, the chance will reset to 10% if you get one. The Hellborne and Helltide Assassin will have a 1% chance of dropping a Baneful Heart, which will increase with each failure. After getting the Heart, the chance will reset to 2%.

That’s all for now. What are your thoughts on these changes becoming available in Season 5? Is there anything you would like Blizzard to change shortly? Share your opinion in the comments!

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