Patch 1.4.2: Resplendent Sparks returned to Eternal characters?

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Upon releasing Diablo 4 Patch 1.4.2 on June 9, Blizzard claimed that Resplendent Sparks finally returned to Eternal Characters from Season 3.

Resplendent Sparks

When Blizzard released Season 4, many players whose characters became Eternal ones after Season 3 was over noticed that the Resplendent Sparks they earned with their own sweat and blood were lost. After Patch 1.4.2 went live, Resplendent Sparks were supposed to return to their owners, and the only thing required was to re-log into the game. However, something is still not quite right.

Resplendent Sparks

After analyzing the official forums of Diablo 4, we realized that this is a widespread problem, as many players report that their Seasonal characters, which became Eternal once Season 3 was over, still lack this resource. This anomaly seems to be affecting Seasonal characters as well. For instance, players who successfully defeated Lilith in the current season did not receive any Spark on their Seasonal characters, but their Eternal ones did, which is quite weird. 

At the time of writing, Blizzard has not provided any commentaries. Still, we hope this problem will be fixed soon and that all players who put a lot of effort into farming this resource to craft Uber Unique items will reclaim it.

What do you think about this problem? Have you got your Sparks back, or are you still missing them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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I am still missing twenty two (22 pieces) of Resplendent Sparks in the Eternal realm even after patch 1.4.2. They disappear at the start of Season 4 and still are gone. Very frustrating and disappointing.The effort done to get them was enormous and to lost them to some bug is brutal !