Collecting All Mounts in Diablo 4: A Comprehensive Guide

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Collecting All Mounts in Diablo 4: A Comprehensive Guide

Diablo 4 release went great: the great Nephalem once again sets out in Sanctuary to save the world from the forces of evil, fight Lilith, and send the demons back to the underworld. To become real heroes, they need the help of their faithful friends — brave steeds that don’t flinch in the face of danger. Traveling on horseback is also a lot faster and safer as well. So, the question is, how to get yourself such a loyal companion? And furthermore, how to get all the mounts in Diablo 4? To answer these questions, we have prepared a useful article with all the information you need.

How to Unlock Mounts in Diablo 4

Let’s begin by unraveling the mystery of when and how you can obtain your very first horse. All you need to do is complete two simple quests to unlock mounts in Diablo 4: Donan’s Favor and A Master’s Touch. These quests become available after progressing through Acts 3 and 4, and they don’t have any special requirements.

For the first quest, talk to Donan. He will give you the Old Nell Steed for free. Donan’s dialogue is hilarious, so you are well advised to listen to it.  

Once you have successfully completed this quest with your main character, there is no need to repeat it for any subsequent ones of yours. The same applies to cosmetic items, such as horse armor, trophies, or any other decorations. These delightful adornments are valid across your entire account, and accessible to all the characters you create. 

Obtaining All Mounts in Diablo 4

Sanctuary, a realm of foreboding wonders and oddities. Where else can you witness the mind-boggling phenomenon of horses fitting into chests or dropping from defeated foes? Yet, in Sanctuary, anything goes. Need a trusty steed? Defeat some enemies, raid a chest, or simply hit up the shop. That’s just how things roll. And with that said, below are the known ways at the moment to obtain all Diablo 4 mounts:

The upshot is simple: explore the world, catch goblins, and traverse dungeons to gather a glorious Diablo 4 mount collection.

Diablo 4 Mount Locations

Mounts are dropped in all Diablo 4 locations: Hawezar, Kehjistan, Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, and Dry Steppes. The only problem is that the drops are completely random from all demons, goblins, dungeons, and chests. So, you can only pray to Lady Fortune for some luck with the drops.

Diablo 4 Mount Abilities

Remember that steeds are called companions for a reason because every horse in the game can assist you in combat:

Cosmetic items do not influence the skill pool, so chasing after the rarest ones in the hope of getting an advantage over other players is pointless.

Diablo 4 Mount Customization

The developers have given players plenty of decoration options, so now the Nephalem can flex their well-deserved trophies just like Geralt of Rivia. Diablo 4 mount customization items are divided into 2 types:

All of these items are purely cosmetic and will not affect your gameplay at all. You need to use the same methods you did to farm the mounts themselves to get barding or trophies. Slay demons, hunt treasure goblins, fight world bosses, and complete dungeons or events. 

Unfortunately, bardings and trophies are the only items that can be used to upgrade mounts in Diablo 4.

Conclusion About Mounts in Diablo 4

To conclude, it’s worth noting some points about Diablo 4 mounts. On the pros:

A few cons:

Sanctuary is too vast and dangerous to explore alone without your trusty steed. There is only one piece of advice for all players: try to complete Acts 3 and 4 and the Donan’s Favor quest as soon as possible to get your first steed. The leveling process will become faster and more pleasant, so you won’t waste time running around on foot.

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