Diablo 4 vs Other ARPGs: A Comparative Analysis

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Diablo 4 vs Other ARPGs: A Comparative Analysis

After more than ten years of waiting, the Diablo 4 series’ continuation has finally arrived, and it has unquestionably exceeded everyone’s expectations. But let’s take a little break from the destruction of demons in Sanctuary and check out this article. We are going to address a really fascinating question: how does Diablo 4 fare in comparison to other ARPGs?

Diablo 4 vs Other ARPGs Comparison

The time for epic battle has come, so let’s start our Diablo 4 vs other ARPGs comparison. Lost Ark, Path of Exile, and Torchlight are all big names in the gaming industry. But will they stand a chance against Lilith? Let’s find out!

Diablo 4 vs Path of Exile

Both of the games are great. The first one is still to prove itself, and the second one has earned a place in thousands of gamers’ hearts. PoE is perfect for relaxing in the evening, learning new mechanics, and trading. Some of its perks are:

Meanwhile, D4 offers a slower-paced experience compared to its predecessors. Yet, it excels in creating a captivating atmosphere and rich lore, which builds upon the foundation established by previous parts. Path of Exile has a significant disadvantage: it’s getting old and almost does not provide new things that players would like. There are new content, leagues, items, and mechanics, but everything is almost the same each time. People only come to Path of Exile because of RMT at the start of the league, and it’s sad.

Diablo 4 vs Grim Dawn

Both games possess exceptional qualities. Grim Dawn, in particular, stands out as the most deserving heir to the legacy of Diablo 2. Crate Entertainment, the developer behind Grim Dawn, has ingeniously incorporated the finest elements of classic ARPG mechanics. Thus, presenting players with the pinnacle of gaming experience.

Grim Dawn boasts:

D4 has all of these advantages, but don’t forget that Grim Dawn is a fully Solo/Co-op project. It’s a matter of taste. Be sure to try both, because you will definitely not regret it. Grim Dawn is worth the attention of solo APRG fans and can immerse you in the dark, ruined, and pillaged world for hours.

Diablo 4 vs Lost Ark

The Korean gaming industry knocked out all ARPG fans with the release of Lost Ark. Benchmark graphics, classes with many specs, and multiple progression paths. The great Amazon itself took on the publishing of the project in the USA and Europe. It means a lot.

On the whole, Lost Ark is like a fusion of World of Warcraft and Path of Exile. It encompasses an expansive open world, engaging raids, personal estates, challenging dungeons, and a system of gear grades. Both projects undoubtedly hold their own merits. However, Diablo 4 possesses a distinct advantage over Lost Ark by combining all the strengths of the latter while introducing a captivating and unparalleled dark-fantasy ambiance.

Diablo 4 vs Torchlight: Infinite

Torchlight was released recently but has already won the hearts of thousands of players. The unusual cartoonish graphics, dynamic gameplay, and a variety of classes, and these are not even everything. The game includes:

So you can start playing on mobile while going home and continue on your PC without any problems. D4 can also boast a release and cross-play on PC, Xbox Series/One, and PS4/5. Only iOS and Android are missing from the roster.

Diablo 4 vs Titan Quest

An old friend of any gamer and a quality project. The cool thing is that Titan Quest is now available on iOS and Android. We’re not afraid to say that this is a true classic of the genre. It has:

D4 wins in technical aspects and automatically gets an advantage from this. However, you should try Titan Quest at least once to understand the feelings of becoming a real Hercules.

Diablo 4 vs Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen has collected the best from other ARPGs, especially from PoE. The developers worked hard to make Lords of Mayhem a classic of the genre and did not skimp on the spectacular elements. Wolcen looks great.

Lords of Mayhem is more like Titan Quest or Torchlight, which sets it apart from the dark-fantasy setting. It also has rolls like in Dark Souls, which added additional dynamics.

Diablo 4 vs Warhammer: Chaosbane

An epic adventure in a vast dystopian universe. Warhammer games have become true art in every genre. Only Chaosbane is an exception to this list.

Unfortunately, these are all the positive things about Chaosbane. The game is often called a “failed attempt” or a passing clone, so we can’t place it on the same level as D4.

Diablo 4 vs Dungeon Siege

Dungeon Siege is one of the first clones where the developers weren’t afraid to add their own ideas. The game is severely outdated but remains in the hearts of fans. It has:

With its three parts, Dungeon Siege has managed to attract a dedicated fan base. However, they have not quite elevated the franchise to a decent level. Unfortunately, the prospects for the fourth installment of Dungeon Siege were disheartening as the development team disbanded.

The game is suitable for fans of old-school ARPGs to run around the world for a couple of hours. But that’s it.

Analyzing Diablo 4 in Comparison to Other ARPGs

The Diablo series has become the progenitor of the genre, showing the world how to hoard kinds of stuff, improve your heroes, and create a unique atmosphere. The fourth part is filled with the best of the previous games and even more. Analyzing Diablo 4 in comparison with other ARPGs, we can say only one thing — the title stays unrivaled and continues to reign supreme. 

A little bit about the pros:

Want to know more about the advantages of the fourth part? Previously we prepared an article about five reasons why you should start playing D4. There, we went into more detail about monetization, content, and other subtleties.

Until now, D4 reigns supreme in the realm of ARPG. Maybe Path of Exile 2 can challenge its dominance. But for that to happen, the developers of PoE 2 must no doubt put in diligent efforts to stand a chance against one of the best Blizzard series.

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