Druid Is Diablo IV Most Hated Class and Here’s Why

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Druid has become the most hated class among Diablo IV players. And here’s why.

Druid Is Diablo IV Most Hated Class and Here's Why

As the much-anticipated release of Diablo IV draws near, excitement among gamers is at an all-time high. Scheduled to hit screens on June 6, fans are counting down the days with bated breath. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Especially one of the main classes is suffering from a frosty reception from the fan base.

The community has had the chance to experience a portion of Sanctuary. Thus, they wasted no time in testing out all five classes. And while Necromancer and Sorcerer have come out on top in terms of damage dealt, the Druid is shoved to the bottom of the chart. Despite initial hype over said class, it appears to be the least favored one at the moment.

Playing as a Druid in Diablo IV is currently an excruciating experience due to the class’s underwhelming damage output and poor survivability. A prime example of this is the Hurricane skill. It surrounds the player and damages nearby enemies for eight seconds with a 19.6-second cooldown. It sounds like quite a decent offensive-defensive ability, doesn’t it? But no. As it only manages to deal a measly 17 damage.

To get a better sense of how severe it is to the mobs and how painful it is for the players, check out the video below at 0:54.

And here’s realistic gameplay coming from Asmongold.

And soon enough, memes about how Druid fares in the bitter world of Sanctuary started spreading all over the Internet.

The Druid in Diablo IV has left many players feeling disappointed and frustrated. Some are now calling for a complete overhaul of the class before the game’s release. While the development team has not yet commented on any potential changes, players are hopeful that their feedback will be taken into consideration.

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