Diablo IV Beta Trailer: Fresco On Chapelle des Jésuites

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Blizzard’s promotional campaign for the beta release of Diablo IV is gaining momentum. The developers have just unveiled a bold and innovative idea for the event’s trailer. In a display of creativity and artistic prowess, they collaborated with a group of exceptionally talented individuals. They aimed to paint a stunning fresco on the ceiling of Chapelle des Jésuites in Cambrai, France. Baroque artist Adam Miller and MJZ director Henry Hobson joined hands with Charles Dance to depict the epic battle between the heroes and demons of Sanctuary through breathtaking art.

Additionally, the campaign offers an exciting opportunity for its dedicated fans. Suppose you reach level 25 during the beta testing. In that case, you can apply and pass the selection process to have your face immortalized in the fresco, forever becoming a part of the Diablo IV universe.

If you are interested in taking a glimpse at what’s behind the scene, then check out this video below.

The Diablo IV open beta is scheduled to run from March 24 through the 26. Those who pre-ordered it are privileged to have early access from March 17 to 19. During the occasion, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the title’s early content, and freely breeze your way through the prologue and Act 1. However, it’s worth mentioning that the highest level you can attain during the occasion is capped at 25.

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