Diablo IV Is Back: Stress Test Confirmed

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Diablo IV: Stress Test Confirmed

Mark your calendars, folks! Diablo IV is back on the screen again from May 12 to 14 with a brand-new stress test confirmed.

In just a scant two months, eager fans can finally get their hands on the highly anticipated game set to make its official debut on June 6. Yet, on the title’s official Twitter, the developers have announced that it’s time to revisit Sanctuary’s dark and foreboding world once more.

The Stress Test is set to run in 48 hours. It’s an excellent opportunity for players to experience a more improved version of what they had witnessed back in March. After all, Blizzard has been making tweaks and turns here and there after the Open Beta period was over. Moreover, avid gamers who take part in this event are in for yet another shot at acquiring all of the Open Beta rewards. And once the title officially launches, they will be able to receive all that they have earned on their account.

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