Diablo IV Fans Want to Play the Game Offline Because of DDoS Attacks

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Diablo IV Fans Want to Play the Game Offline Because of DDoS

Diablo IV encountered a major hurdle over the weekend. Even now, the game has yet to completely get back to its feet because of another recent DDoS attack. Fans are frustrated. Many have been expressing that they want to have the option to play Diablo IV offline to alleviate such issues in the future.

Any developer can fall victim to such attacks. And Blizzard has been working hard to defuse the situation. Still, fans can’t help but feel upset about what’s happening. Many of them have busy weeks, and the only solace they look forward to is coming home and enjoying their favorite game. Yet, all that greets them is the error screen of “Oops! Something went wrong.”

Consequently, they have turned to social platforms to vent their opinions on the matter.


Ever since Diablo IV was released in June, it has encountered numerous problems with logging in and maintaining connection. These issues have had a severe impact on Hardcore players. They even led to tragic deaths that resulted in the permanent loss of characters. That, coupled with various DDoS attacks over the last few days, has reignited discussions surrounding Diablo IV’s controversial always-online requirement

“Is there a Diablo 4 offline mode?” and “How to play Diablo 4 offline” and “Does Diablo 4 have offline mode?” have been some of the most popular questions during the last few days. Players are wishing for a solution to ensure uninterrupted gameplay free from external disruptions. Some Redditors have even put forth the argument that an offline mode would allow Diablo IV to be more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 


As of now, it remains highly unlikely that Blizzard will introduce an offline mode for Diablo IV. Despite facing technical challenges, the game has received acclaim from both critics and fans alike. Yet, considering the frequent server downtime over the last few days, the company might want to consider the idea.

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