Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream Date

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Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream Date

The date for the Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream will be disclosed in the upcoming week, as announced by Adam Fletcher.

The franchise’s Community Development Director shared about the forthcoming announcement on X (Twitter). The live stream is anticipated to last four hours, with the focal point being Season of Blood’s content, including endgame bosses. Usually, these livestreams only last around one or one and a half hours. So, the extensive timeframe this time really leaves fans curious about what’s to come. 


Fans are eagerly anticipating that the Season of Blood will bring a breath of fresh air into the game. The heat surrounding Diablo IV has notably waned in recent times, to the extent that hardly anyone attended a live event for Diablo IV in Korea. And to make matters worse, the number of online viewers barely peaked in the 300s on the title’s official channel. 


Stay tuned for more updates as we eagerly await this deep dive into the foreboding world of Diablo 4.

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