Diablo IV Cuteness Overload: Get Your Sleepy Wolfie

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Diablo? Cute? The two words don’t go together, do they? The game’s settings are steeped in darkness and foreboding, immersing you in a world of peril and intrigue, riddled with demons and danger. But despite its reputation for being anything but adorable, the impossible has happened. Get ready to experience the cuteness overload of the latest addition to the game — the Diablo IV Beta Wolf Pack Live Puppy Cam. Feeling woof-set? This little furball is your perfect antidote!

This fluff-tastic live stream features the cutest wolf pup. You get to watch as it wiggles its floppy ears while deep in sleep on the back of a lone hero. Observe how it sniffs and snores in serene contentment against a backdrop of soothing music. What an instant pick-me-up for any dog lover out there!

But wait, there’s more! You can get your paws on your very own Beta Wolf Pack by reaching level 20 with any class during the testing period. It’s set to launch on March 24 and will run through the 26. Those who pre-ordered it are privileged to have early access from March 17 to 19. And if you don’t want to pre-purchase the title, don’t worry. Blizzard’s pawsome promotion with KFC will ensure your way to gaining early access.

So don’t be a scaredy-cat. Join the fun and let the wolf pup be your new best fur-end. Mark your calendars and get ready to have a fetching time with your little buddy!

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