Diablo IV Bugged: Druids Loot Barbarian Uniques

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Diablo IV Bugged: Druids Loot Barbarian Uniques

Well, apparently, Barbarians’ Uniques in Diablo IV aren’t as “unique” as we all thought. Druids are looting items intended for Barbarians left and right. And it’s not like they want to do so. After all, while these goodies are great for the Barbs, they are useless to the nature weavers. Thus, the situation is getting more and more frustrating as time ticks by. 

For days, Druids have been struggling to acquire items specifically designed for them. Instead of getting suitable loot for their class and build, they keep ending up with Barbarians’ drops. Numerous Reddit threads have emerged, expressing players’ concerns about the issue.

It’s no wonder that this strange circumstance has left the Druids confused and dissatisfied. After all, they receive items of no benefit to them. At the same time, they are missing out on the opportunity of earning unique drops like Insatiable Fury or Tempest Roar

However, there is good news on the horizon. Blizzard is actively addressing the issue and working towards a prompt resolution. Diablo IV General Manager Rod Fergusson has confirmed that this issue is not a deliberate game mechanic. Instead, it is indeed a bug that needs to be fixed.

The development team is actively working on a fix. They expect to roll out a solution soon enough to not further impair players’ experience with the title.

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