Diablo IV Altars of Lilith: Permanent Account-Wide Bonuses

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Diablo IV Altars of Lilith: Permanent Account-Wide Bonuses

Just like the Paragon system of its predecessor, the Altars of Lilith are to provide you with account-wide stat bonuses. However, a common question remains in the community: would these bonuses reset between seasons?

During a live Twitch stream, the developers took a moment to shed light on said important aspect of the game. They confirmed that what you receive from the altars stays permanent throughout the seasons. However, there is a catch. These bonuses will be confined solely within the boundaries of a particular game mode

For example, if you manage to find any altar during your Normal run, then all of your other characters in said mode can also benefit from that. But if you switch to Hardmode, none of your characters will bear any bonus. Nevertheless, it’s still a fantastic piece of news. Especially for those who invest time and effort into maximizing their characters’ potential, as they won’t have to start from scratch each season.

Experience bonuses might be reset between seasons. So, you may rediscover the Altars of Lilith for some small perks. However, the core stat bonuses will remain unlocked. This ensures a level of stability and continuity in character progression, enabling you to build upon your previous achievements and continue pushing the boundaries of your power.

Diablo IV is set to be released on June 6. In case you missed the news, the Cathedral of Diablo is open until June 11. So, if you have the chance, definitely pay it a visit because it’s well worth your time. And while you’re at it, don’t forget that Diablo IV’s slam beta is going to hit the screen on May 12. Also, KFC is collaborating with Diablo IV again, so you have time from May 29 to July 2 to get five in-game items just by buying some delicious sandwiches!

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