Diablo 4 Class Tier List: the Best Class for Beginners

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Diablo 4 Class Tier List: the Best Class for Beginners

Nephalems, it’s time to return to the Sanctuary and stand strong against Lilith. Only you can handle the demons from the underworld, but you need to prepare a little and choose the class that will help you on your journey. In this article, we will discover the best class for beginners in Diablo 4 and suggest convenient starting builds.

Currently, there are 5 classes in the game, and the tier list looks like this:

S-tierSorcerer, Rogue
B-tierBarbarian, Druid

Why? Let’s make a detailed Diablo 4 class comparison and explain our choices.

Diablo 4 S-Tier Classes and Builds


Diablo 4 Class Tier List: the Best Class for Beginners
(Source: Diablo IV)

Sorcerer is a ranged DPS and the best Diablo 4 class for beginners. Uses mana to create destructive spells, destroys demons in seconds, and can withdraw from the battlefield in moments of peril due to its defensive abilities.

Sorcerer Pros:

+ Best AoE abilities in the game

+ Lots of crowd control, time-slowing, and freezing abilities

+ Teleportation, evasion, high mobility

+ Magical shields with damage absorption

+ Attacks on the move, no need to maintain casts

Sorcerer Cons:

– If this class runs out of mana, it becomes vulnerable and almost does no damage

– Weak defense, light armor

– It’s hard to control bosses and elite enemies as they have immunity

– No pets to take hits or protect

Current Sorcerer builds and their levels:

– 25–50, Beginner. Elementalist, Ice Barrage, Fire&Ice

– 50+, Endgame. Battlemage, Pyromancer, Permafrost, Lightning Speed


The Sorcerer is like a glass cannon — maximum DPS and requires skill to survive. It’s unlikely bad for Hardcore, but it is an ideal choice for Standard. We recommend focusing on AoE and forgetting about defense. It’s better to destroy enemies faster than they can reach you.


Diablo 4 Class Tier List: the Best Class for Beginners
(Source: Diablo IV)

Fights in close and ranged combat, almost on par with Sorcerer. The fastest and most convenient character is reminiscent of the Rogue in World of Warcraft, but better. Uses traps, grenades, and agility in to outsmart and destroy the opponent in battle. Rogue is another Diablo 4 best class for new players.

Rogue Pros:

+ Many skills with good damage

+ Almost endless potential to increase DPS

+ High movement speed. Catches up with the enemy in a second and leaves the battlefield just as quickly

+ Equally effective in close combat and ranged combat

+ Traps debuff enemies and deal decent damage

Rogue Cons:

– Requires concentration to hit abilities on the enemy

– Little defense

– Without proper evasion, dies almost immediately

– Need to accumulate combos to receive buffs

Current Rogue builds and their levels:

– 25–50, Beginner. Twisting Blades, Flurry, Cold Archer

– 50+, Endgame. Marksman, Cyclone


Rogue is actually strong and capable of defeating any enemy. It is an excellent choice for beginners that will make you understand the mechanics. But if you don’t, it won’t work. In fact, it’s the same glass cannon, but slightly more versatile and mobile than Sorcerer. It’s the perfect class for fast leveling.

Diablo 4 A-Tier Classes and Builds


Diablo 4 Class Tier List: the Best Class for Beginners
(Source: Diablo IV)

Calling the dead to its side. Uses dark magic to debuff enemies and deal high damage. Mainly focused on enhancing minions but also does well against enemies itself.

Necromancer Pros:

+ Access to most types of weapons

+ Huge potential for developing summoned creatures

+ Flexibility in creating a build for any playstyle

+ Easy to learn

+ Infinite resource for summoning, fighting, and defense

Necromancer Cons:

– If there are few enemies around, you need to watch out for the resource

– Can only summon helpers if there are enemy corpses nearby

– You need to control and summon your creatures correctly to achieve maximum effect

Current Necromancer builds and their levels:

– 25–50, Beginner. Blightmaster, Blood Burst, Detonator

– 50+, Endgame. Defiler, Vampire, Blightfold


Necromancer is powerful and convenient for beginners, but it loses to Rogue and Sorcerer in terms of damage. It will require learning mechanics and proper micro-control of summoned minions. In short, here’s a Rogue and Necromancer gameplay comparison on the Diablo 4 beta. In the end, they buffed the first one, slightly fixed the second one, and they became about equal. Still fun.

Diablo 4 B-Tier Classes and Builds


Diablo 4 Class Tier List: the Best Class for Beginners
(Source: Diablo IV)

A defender of nature and a generally “good guy”. Can transform into various creatures, and summon the forces of nature, elements, and animals to aid in battle. It has many defensive abilities and HP regeneration skills.

Druid Pros:

+ Have a lot of protection

+ Flexibility in build creation. Can become a bear, or werewolf, or fight using the power of the elements

+ Summoned minions buff Druid and increase DPS

+ Fights in close and ranged combat

Druid Cons:

– The duration of each form is short

– Fewer DPS than S-tier characters and even Necromancer

– Slow if not played in the werewolf form

Current Druid builds and their levels:

– 25–50, Beginner. Packleader, Stormcaller, Pulverizer

– 50+, Endgame. Tempest, Permabear, Shredder


Druid is perfect for Hardcore mode and for all beginners due to its survivability. It’s a slow hero that’s not afraid to rush into a huge crowd of demons. You are almost invincible in bear form, and werewolf form helps bring dynamics to gameplay and increase DPS.


Diablo 4 Class Tier List: the Best Class for Beginners
(Source: Diablo IV)

Shouts loud and crushes everything around. Fights in melee and has a huge health pool, and wears tough armor. Has decent AoE potential but is more like a tank that can run over any demon.

Barbarian Pros:

+ Buffs itself and allies protection and damage

+ Almost invincible

+ Can attack and move simultaneously

+ Combines weapons depending on the situation

Barbarian Cons:

– Very slow leveling

– Long ability recovery time

– Hard to dodge attacks

– Really weak at the start

– Fury runs out quickly

Current Barbarian builds and their levels:

– 25–50, Beginner. Bloody, Crusher, Whirlwind

– 50+, Endgame. Blood-Soaked, Juggernaut, Vortex


Barbarian does well at tank jobs and almost never dies. And to add, said class pays for it with only minimal damage and mobility. It’s a force to be reckoned with, and it’s the perfect class to choose if you want to start your Hardcore journey. However, it won’t pose much of a threat in Standard mode.

How to Choose The Best Class for You?

We talked about Diablo 4 class ranking, and now comes the hard part — choosing the best class to start with in Diablo 4. 

Pay attention to classes with high survivability, like Druid and Barbarian, if you plan to play Hardcore. If you need dynamic gameplay in Standard mode and the fastest leveling at the start, boldly choose classes from the S-tier. Sorcerer and Rogue are particularly strong.

Remember that the game is new, and everyone may need help. In this case, the ideal solution for a quick start is to buy Diablo 4 services. You buy a Diablo 4 boost and receive a character with an excellent build and the required level in a few hours. Professional boosters from WowVendor are always ready to help if the demons turn out to be stronger or if you simply just don’t have time to fight with them.

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