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Since the release of the legendary game’s remaster, many people are in search of a brief and effective guide for the Act 3 of Diablo 2. Although usually its completion doesn’t take that much of a time as previous acts, some moments may seem complicated. At the same time the story becomes more and more fast-paced and thrilling, as you are about to come across one of the Three Brothers — Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred. And this guide must get you prepared for that hatred meeting.

Diablo 2 Act 3 Locations

But before you learn much about the quests, rewards and bosses, it will be beautiful to take a short look at the memorable locations of this act. Well, actually it depends on you and your preferences as a player, how memorable they will be. Especially on the hundredth round of the farm… But still: take a look! (And remember, that not every Diablo 2 Act 3 location has a waypoint.)

Spider Forest

An atmospheric forest which is actually really full of spiders. And their web. And their lairs, which are also spidery and serve as separate dungeons.

They are often confused — who knows, why?

Great Marsh

Such a marsh, that even possible dungeons got drowned in it. Sometimes serves as a passway to the next location, Flayer Jungle. But sometimes not.

Flayer Jungle

A last quite wild and jungle location in this Act. Leads to two dungeons, one of which is not less Flayery, and another reminds of a Marsh:

Lower Kurast

A grim part of a capital city, where the lower classes live. Used to live. Now you are to fight to death what used to live.

Kurast Bazaar

A part of the city that actually looks like a city. It even has temples, although their corrupted state will make you fight inside them. If you are not in a hurry enough to skip them.

Kurast Sewers

Simply a large sewerage full of tunnels which are full of undead, who are not that full of loot as you would wish.

Upper Kurast

Another part of the city, accessible both from Bazaar and Sewers. With two more temples, which possibly can also be skipped.

Kurast Causeway

While you may have got tired of tunnels, roads, ways and causeways, you still get one more to pass. Although this short separate location is lesser than any others. And even more temples to the both sides of causeway:


A heart of holiness of the formerly glorious city of Kurast — a heart of its darkness for now. Until you cleanse it, of course. Beware, as there are rumors that this location’s waypoint may serve as an answer to the popular question: how to rush Act 3 in Diablo 2: Resurrected? But it seems that such a possibility was fixed in recent patches.

Sometimes Travnical is called a Temple City, while unlike in previous locations you’re gonna enter only one temple here. And that’s…

Durance of Hate

A former prison, but now a dangerous lair of Mephisto. A bloody scary dungeon, which seems to be a perfect place for your path to end… Until you get to the porta, that leads to real Hell.

By the way, this map of Act 3 is also a sort of your way to Hell in Diablo 2. Be sure to check it as you patiently move there. And keep it away from fire.

Diablo 2 Act 3 Quests

After looking through dark, bloody and devastated locations, you definitely want to get familiar with quests and rewards of Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3.


Reward: special Potion of Life forever increasing your character’s HP by 20

After you’ve got to the Spider Forest, the first task in Diablo 2 Act 3 is to simply receive the first quest. It is done by fighting enemies until you meet the Unique. Killing it gives the Jade Figurine. That’s when the quest is placed in your log.

In the Docks player’s beloved friend Deckard Cain advises bringing it to Meshif, who in turn gives a Golden Bird statuette in exchange for Jade Figurine and local alchemist Alkor rewards you for the statuette in this one of the longest exchange chains of Diablo 2!


Reward: Iron Wolf Mercenary and Rare Ring

The Blade of the Old Religion task in Diablo 2 Resurrected doesn’t differ from the original game — maybe new graphics just made accomplishing it more convenient. Just take it from Hratly and then go to the Flayer Jungle and try hard to find the altar with a blade called Gidbinn.

Trying to simply take it will result in a spawn of a monsters’ group with a unique one, who will drop the Gidbinn. Completing a second quest of Act 3 in Kurast docks will result in dialogue with Asheare, who will offer you a possibility to hire a new Mercenary. And Ormus thanks you by giving a ring.


Reward: —

Collecting parts of something is quite usual for the Diablo series. Although now you will have to collect parts of human’s body — Khalim, former Great Patriarch of Zakarum. His eye somehow got lost in Spider Cavern, his Brain — on the third level of Flayer Dungeon, Khalim’s Heart — on the second one of the Sewers.

And his Flail (a very strange thing to be a part of human) is held by one mini-boss from the Council, former Khalim’s comrades wandering dark Travincal. Horadric Cube will produce a Khalim’s Will from these specific ingredients, and that’s a weapon made for one task: crushing the magical Orb that stands in your way to the next and final location.


Reward: 5 stat points

One of those many temples in the last locations of Diablo 2 Act 3 hides the fourth quest’s key item. After completing the third one Alkor will ask you to find a magical book of Lam Esen. From a first glance the quest may seem too short, but it won’t be satisfying enough when you enter the sixth temple after finding the other five empty. Good luck!


Reward: —

The aim is to deal with the miserable Zakarum High Council’s members. The aim may seem strange, as you have already partly done it — though, when did such things stop Diablo players? So, if you’ve already completed the third quest to the end and opened the way further, you need to just finish three remaining Counselors inside.

If not, deal with all the six of them. (An important tip and trick for this technical moment of Diablo 2: if you hoped to loot one more Khalim’s Flail from the bosses and use it as a weapon, do not waste your time, as it doesn’t drop to the character that already completed the third quest.)


Reward: you’ve permanently beaten Lord of Hatred!…


The older brother of Diablo, Mephisto, is waiting at the end of the Durance of Hate. Without any quest description you know what should be done to him. At least until you don’t have his Soulstone in your hands…

Diablo 2 Act 3 Bosses

Main and real boss of the Diablo 2 Act 3 is obviously Mephisto. But this Act is also fulfilled with some mini-bosses, which are actually just Super Unique Monsters, but they must also be listed. Even though the Lord of Hate will undoubtedly hate anyone for placing him in a row with such unworthy creatures!

Mini-Boss Name Description and Modificators Location
Sszark the Burning

Flame Spider

Cursed and Extra Strong

Spider Cavern
Witch Doctor Endugu

Fetish Shaman

Magic Resistant and Fire Enchanted

Flayer Dungeon

Thorned Hulk

Extra, Fast and Lighting Enchanted

Lower Kurast
Battlemaid Sarina

Corrupt Rogue

Spectral Hit and Extra Fast

Ruined Temple
Icehawk Riftwing

Bat Demon

Teleportation and Cold Enchanted

Kurast Sewers
Ismail Vilehand

Council Member

Cursed and Extra Fast

Geleb Flamefinger

Council Member

Extra Strong and Fire Enchanted

Toorc Icefist

Council Member

Stone Skin and Cold Enchanted

Wyand Voidbringer

Council Member

Mana Burn and Teleportation

Durance of Hate
Maffer Dragonhand

Council Member

Extra Strong and Extra Fast

Durance of Hate
Bremm Sparkfist

Council Member

Aura Enchanted and Lightning Enchanted

Durance of Hate
Mephisto Demon Durance of Hate

This guide must help you in the walkthrough of the Act 3 in Diablo 2: Resurrected. And don’t forget that in any way this guide is just one more step to Hell!

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