1000 Diablo IV Hardcore Players Names Announced

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1000 Diablo IV Hardcore Players Names Announced

The wait is over, folks! Weeks of intense racing for a spot among the first 1000 players to reach level 100 in Diablo IV Hardcore has come to an end. Blizzard has revealed the identities of these devoted gamers. Thus, their names will forever be etched on the back of Lilith’s statue as a symbol of their extraordinary achievements. 

Ever since Diablo IV hit the gaming world, daring adventurers have embarked on perilous journeys of Sanctuary. Among them, some found the regular gameplay wasn’t challenging enough. And so, they set out on a different path: Diablo IV hardcore, where there was no room for mistakes. A single wrong move would lead to the permanent loss of their characters and put an end to their entire progress.

Back in June, Blizzard made an important announcement. They had started the process of verifying the first 1000 players to reach level 100 in Diablo IV hardcore. The company promised to share the list soon. And now, true to their words, Blizzard has finally unveiled the long-awaited identities of said 1000 players.

Warm and sincere congratulations to the triumphant players! They have truly showcased their unmatched skill and determination. Although the competition may have concluded, it by no means signals the end of thrilling adventures in Sanctuary. In fact, it marks the start of a fresh chapter brimming with countless opportunities for new achievements, cherished memories, and exhilarating times to come.

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