Vow of the Disciple Destiny 2 Adept Weapons Guide

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Follow us as we cover the Witch Queen raid challenges on Master and what Adept guns they drop as rewards.

While Destiny 2 is closing in on its next chapter, Season of the Risen hasn’t dried up yet, offering plenty of content for Guardians to chase down and unlock even in its final month. Destiny 2 Adept weapons may have been losing their dominance to the newly-added crafting system, but they’re still a high-tier reward worth grinding for, so here’s a quick rundown on each Vow of the Disciple Adept gun, along with how to unlock them and if it’s even worth the fuss.

What Are Destiny 2 Adept Weapons?

Simply put, Adepts are improved versions of the same old weapons you get as regular drops. What makes them special is access to Destiny 2 Adept mods that can shape a given gun into a custom-made treasure, calibrated delicately to fit a player’s taste. What’s more, if you masterwork an Adept weapon, it’ll get a nice buff to not just one, but all of its stats.

How to Unlock Adept Weapons?

Designed as the most sought-after loot, Adepts drop from the game’s hardest content: Grandmaster Nightfalls, Master-tier raids, and Trials of Osiris Flawless completions.

Source: Bungie

Raids on Master difficulty push the limits of your team’s skill and coordination by raising the enemy power bar and adding mission modifiers to make it a lot tougher for you to beat the encounters. And as if that isn’t enough trouble already, all Adept loot is locked behind raid challenges that rotate weekly.

The Witch Queen raid has four challenges, each tied to one of its main encounters:

Unlike Vault of Glass where you know exactly what Adept weapon this week drops, Vow of the Disciple’s loot pool is completely randomized. Adept rewards are neither encounter-specific nor week-related, meaning every time you beat a challenge and open that extra chest, you have a chance to get one of the raid’s six weapons, no matter what encounter they normally drop from.

Vow of the Disciple Challenges Explained

Here are all raid challenges summed up for you in a nutshell.

Swift Destruction

This one sends you off to slay three Champions within a few seconds. These enemies spawn near obelisks during each round, so your team needs to keep them stunned until you’re ready to nuke them all at once.

Don’t forget about the encounter mechanics and watch out for other adds. If you’re not sure you can deal enough damage to defeat all three enemies in time, you can lower their HP first and then grab the most hard-hitting gun in your arsenal to land those final blows.

Base Information

The Caretaker challenge is the easiest of all four as it simply restricts you to collecting only one glyph at a time. Compared to the three-glyph method you’d be using in a normal mode, this challenge slows things down but also makes it a lot safer to progress. You’ll spend less time in the room and get fewer stacks of the Darkness debuff, so a bunch of extra runs is really not such a huge price to pay.

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Defenses Down

This one might be a little hard to complete, because you’ll just have to navigate a few extra things on top of the already complex encounter mechanic.

Taken Knights are key to this challenge, and each Guardian on your fireteam is allowed to kill only one of them. The trick here is that you are a team of six and there’s a total of seven Knights spread around the encounter. If some of you kills two, it’ll fail the encounter, so you’ll have to leave one Knight alive at some point. The second trick is that Knights can be killed only with the laser-shooting Seed relic, which means you’ll need to rotate the relic buff between all members of your team.

The surest way to go around Defenses Down is to skip one of the Knights in the first room. The rest is just tossing the relic from one player to another until all six of you get a kill. Just don’t forget to keep those add-clearing duties on point once you’re hit with the Curbed Resonance debuff to give your teammates more room to maneuver around the challenge.

Looping Catalyst

The boss challenge tasks you to keep the Leeching Force buff until you go to the upstairs location to damage Rhulk. Nothing is changed mechanics-wise: you simply need to play through the first part of the encounter like you normally do, splitting the buff and making sure at least one Guardian from your fireteam has it on them. And that’s pretty much it.

Raid Challenge Calendar

Master-tier Vow of the Disciple kicked off on April 19, leaving us in the very middle of a four-week rotation cycle. At the time of writing this guide, the Destiny 2 weekly challenge today is Exhibition’s Defenses Down.

Here’s the schedule for the past, current and upcoming raid challenges:

Vow of the Disciple Adept Weapons

What also sets Vow guns apart from their Adept VoG predecessors is that they no longer have locked-in perks. Everything we’re getting is purely random, which allows massive scope for experimenting with perk combinations, but makes building up your god roll even more unreliable and purely RNG-based.

Anyways, here’s a brief breakdown of all weapons in the Vow of the Disciple Adept roster:


A solar linear fusion rifle with lots of damage perk options, which turns it into a solid PvE choice, potentially good for boss DPS given the right roll.


The only legendary kinetic-slot fusion rifle in the game – and even Stasis-infused on top of that. It’s rightfully one of the most valuable Destiny 2 loot drops in the raid as it frees your secondary slot for something like Divinity or any other Energy or Power option, which gives you a rare level of freedom in terms of loadouts in PvE and PvP alike.


Things can get really spicy with this wave-frame Arc grenade launcher. Forbearance is a nice tool for speeding through your runs if you make good use of its explosive chain reaction. However, it’s not really Crucible-friendly, but once again, this is a matter of taste and skill, so if you can rock a grenade launcher in PvP, you might as well try this one out.


Being the only 450 RPM four-burst pulse rifle in the Enegry slot makes Insidious outright unique, not to mention its incredible perk combos – some of the nastiest ones for PvE since the Destiny 2 Ringing Nail AR. This pulse rifle is terrific for endgame PvE, and the random Adept perk pool shines brightest here, giving you multiple options to play around with.

Lubrae’s Ruin

Whether you try out shielding perks or go straight for damage, this solar glaive has decent potential for high-end activities in any case. Much like all glaives, Lubrae’s Ruin needs some getting used to, but wielding it is a truly rewarding experience if you manage to adjust.


This might be the only raid drop that works really fantastic in the Crucible. Sumbission feels great with its perfect recoil direction that cannot but remind us of Recluse, so if you’re a Recluse fan, or you just love SMGs and Lightweights, this baby is your match made in heaven.

Are Adept Raid Weapons Worth the Grind?

The whole Destiny 2 playerbase is now split in two: those who still claim Adept weapons to be superior and those who drift towards the crafted guns.

There’s no clear say on which ones are better, as both types certainly have their upsides. Raid craftables can be curated to your specific desires – you can basically make whatever you want of them, assuming you’re ready to grind your butt out. Adept weapons are more of a hit-or-miss kind of thing. Yes, they do have mod slots, which gives enough space for customization, but they don’t come from raids as guaranteed Destiny loot drops and the rolls are always completely random. Long story short, both types are equally powerful and have infinite potential. The only thing you have to decide for yourself is whether you’d rather spend a horrendous amount of time crafting, or look for mods instead and farm the hardest content chasing down random drops.

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For more Destiny 2 news, guides, and overviews, stay tuned on our blog. Thanks for stopping by, and happy Adept weapon hunting!

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