The Final Shape Power Level Changes: 04.25 TWID Recap

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The Final Shape Power Level Changes are enormous like never before.

Destiny 2 Power Level Changes in The Final Shape

Another Thursday, another TWID greeted us with many details about the Power Level changes in The Final Shape. Players will now be able to go through activities more easily with their friends, and more straightforward leveling methods will appear. Let’s take a closer look at everything!

Fireteam Power

In The Final Shape, a new system will be introduced that allows players with low Power to have a Power Level close to the player with the highest Power in the Fireteam. If you have friends who still need to level up their character but want to go to Grandmaster or other activities, you’ll be able to help them.

Fireteam Power Destiny 2


Due to changes in the Power System, Bungie is also removing the Power limit from old items that were subjected to Sunsetting in the Beyond Light DLC. First and foremost, this change will help old players who return to the game, as their weapons will be relevant in the new content, although they are going to be weaker than modern alternatives.

The Final Shape Power Caps

The Power Cap system has also undergone a slight rework, as now you won’t have to farm it for long. In TFS, the difference between the Power Floor and the Pinnacle Cap will be just 100 Power, not 210 as before. Due to these changes, the Power Bands in The Final Shape will be: 

Regarding those worried about preparing for Contest Mode, Bungie once again made everything easier for everyone, as you will need only 1965 Power. In order to get this Power, go through the Legendary Campaign to reach 1960 Power and then farm other activities to gain an additional 5 Power.

Other Quality of Life Features

Let’s move on to the smaller yet still pleasant changes in the TFS Power System.

Power Level Requirements for Mission

With the release of the new DLC, activities will be divided into Power Disabled and Power Enabled ones. In the first case, your Power won’t affect anything, while in the second case, the opposite is true. In Power Enabled activities, there will also be a Power Cap, which you can see in the table below:

The Final Shape Power Cap

Account Power Level

Players playing in all three classes understand how hard and time-consuming it is to farm Power for all characters. We are happy to inform you that in The Final Shape, this will no longer be a problem, as the loot you receive will have a Power level relative to the highest Power character.

Powerful Cap Upgrade Changes

The last pleasant news is that Powerful rewards with +1 Power for players between the Soft Cap and Powerful Cap will drop not only from ritual playlists but also from any activity that grants rewards. That’s going to help players enjoy the activities they want while simultaneously leveling their character.

Final Words

These are the Power Level changes in Destiny 2 that will occur with the release of the new expansion. We found them incredibly optimistic, but you might have a different opinion. Tell us what you think about it in the comments! Also, you might have missed last week’s TWID, where details about the release date of The Final Shape raid got announced!

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