Destiny 2 Secret Quests and Events List

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Any game nowadays is always filled with some easter eggs, secrets, and even big events with hidden missions that happen once in your life and never again. Luckily for many of you, Destiny 2 is one of those games, and a lot is happening here. Like, for example, the recent event with Telesto, when it again broke the game, or Corridors of Time, which united players around the world. In general, in this article, we will talk about this topic. You will also learn about Destiny 2 secret quests, which used to be in the game and were randomly solved by players in weeks. Please sit back, take out your handkerchiefs and let’s get nostalgic!

The Whisper

The very first secret quest in Destiny 2 is The Whisper, which was released during the Warmind expansion.

In order to launch the mission, the players had not just to press one button but perform a whole ritual. As soon as any Public Event in Lost Oasis started on IO, you had to immediately find and destroy one of the three bosses. After dealing with one of them, a portal opens through which the Guardian can start this fantastic quest. Players had only 20 minutes to complete, which already pressured the situation. On top of that, the location was very confusing, causing players to spend hours trying to find the right route. After that, you had to clear several large rooms with a vast number of Takens, and at the end, kill as many as three bosses at the same time to get the coveted Sniper Rifle Whisper of the Worm. The mission also had a Heroic version with additional puzzles that rewarded players with the Catalyst and the Exotic Jumpship. This mission is still one of the best in-game histories, and from Destiny 2 all secret exotic quests that we had, the Whisper’s one was the most unique!

Source: Bungie

Niobe Labs

In Season of the Forge, a lot of different content was released, from great weapons to a great raid. But this one newest secret event was forever remembered by all the players who played at that time. And we are talking about Niobe Labs.

Niobe Labs was a big bunker where you could find various symbols. Still, for the average player, seeing them without certain weapons was impossible. In total, to complete Niobe Labs, it was necessary to go through 7 waves, but only some things were so simple because then the passage of this mission took up to 80 hours. It was required to perform specific actions related to the symbols to start a wave. Adding fuel to the fire was that if you made a mistake, you would have to start all over again.

In order to find a way to launch new waves of enemies, players had to join forces and almost explore the entire game up and down. Someone researched the game itself, some people helped combine all the known information, and some Guardians tried to unravel the cipher. After completing Niob Labs, players got access to the Bergusia Forge and other new content.

Source: Bungie

Zero Hour

In 2020 in Destiny 2 a new secret quest appeared, and the name of that exotic quest was Zero Hour. At that time, every player went through it because here you could get Outbreak Perfected, which was one of the best weapons for raids.

To get access to the mission, players had to find the Fallen Transponder, a device for collecting six particular nodes, after which you could discover Mithrax, the Forsaken, known to all of us. After talking with him, Mithrax will ask you to help deal with the Fallens on the old Tower, and so you can proceed to Zero Hour. The difficulty of the mission lies in the timer, and therefore you have only 20 minutes to complete it as soon as possible. On the way, you will deal with the Fallens, go through jump puzzles and meet a broken TR3-VR robot in the closed corridors, which will prevent you from activating the buttons to go further. At the mission’s end, you will have a challenging and memorable boss fight with Siriks, Loyal to Eramis. Most of all, the mission was remembered by the players for the robot, which rushed at breakneck speed along the corridors. Seeing him return for Halloween would be a wicked but very welcome gift from Bungie!

Source: Bungie

Corridors of Time

Bungie seems to love labyrinths because the studio uses them in different missions or raids in any convenient situation. Corridors of Time was a new Destiny 2 secret event in January 2020, and it’s the dimension of the Vex that moves them through time. After saving Saint-14, players were given the opportunity to study them, which allowed them to learn Saint’s history in more detail, get the emblem and access the Memento exotic quest, after completing which they earned a fusion rifle Bastion.

Corridors of Time themselves are hexagon labyrinths. Players in them had to pass through particular gates since each entrance meant a specific code. The right combination led to pieces of history and all of the above items. Guardians spent weeks dismantling these corridors, compiled many maps and guides, and in every possible way, sought to solve a rather complex puzzle. As a result, the players managed to figure everything out. Still, at the end of January, the entrance to the corridors was closed. Many remember this event as the one that united the game community more than ever. Everyone tried to help put together a solution to this mysterious place.

Source: Bungie


Presage can safely be considered the last secret quest in Destiny 2 at the time of Season of Plunder. To get to the derelict Cabal ship, you had to find the Intercepted Distress Signal at the beginning of The Arms Dealer strike. After talking with Zavala, you have access to this beautiful activity.

While Presage wasn’t as confusing as The Whisper or Zero Hour, it was very atmospheric. The mission began on the Glykon ship, or instead, in front of a huge door that did not want to open. The Guardian had to go through a little jump puzzle to get inside and explore this mysterious place finally. The first thing that caught our eyes was the huge thickets of Egregore, which left no chance for the poor Cabal on the ship. As you progress through the ship, you encounter the Scorns intermittently and, in the end, a boss fight with simple mechanics awaited us, and an excellent Scout Rifle Dead Man’s Tale was rewarded to Guardian.

Since this exotic had random perks, players could replay this mission every week for a better roll. This mission also had a Master difficulty that rewarded players with the Dead Man’s Tale catalyst.

Source: Bungie

Telesto Incident

We all know and have heard about the exotic Telesto cannon, which broke down every season in some way. Sometimes it broke everything so much that players suffered for weeks in Crucible and Gambit. Unfortunately, there is no Destiny 2 event calendar, so many of you may have missed that Telesto was able to take over the whole game a couple of weeks ago!

One day, the weapon began to sparkle, smoke, and break, causing its projectiles to become slow and fly into the sky. The Guardian had to hit this gun really hard to fix it, and everything returned to normal. Exactly a day later, Telesto started firing as before. Still, when projectiles exploded, even more projectiles flew out of them, which led to absolute chaos in PvP. The day after another breakdown, the weapon took over Bungie’s Twitter account, calling itself the god of both dimensions, and began to display its messages in the game. The event ended with a gift from this weapon — a unique emblem with a broken Telesto. However, how Telesto even took over the game and the real world will remain one of the biggest and funniest Destiny 2 secrets…

Source: Bungie

Improving the Eliksni Quarter

The developers have made several Destiny 2 seasonal events in Season of Plunder. Telesto was one of them, and now it is time for a new one — Improving the Eliksni Quarter. It will last only until December 6, so you should hurry. What is the essence of this event? Players must complete various activities such as Ketchcrash, King’s Fall, etc. For this, the Guardians will receive Captain’s Coins, which are needed to help the poor Fallen, who would doubt for the sake of receiving rewards! At the moment of writing, people donated more than 200 million coins. Now they can purchase Eliksni Quarter Gift Boxes containing Deepsight Resonance Weapon, Eververse Engrams, Bright Dust, or Glimmer. And that’s all! Perhaps some Cutscene awaits us at the end, but it’s too early to talk about it right now.

Source: Bungie

And that’s all we could remember about Destiny 2 secret missions today. We hope the article helped you delve into the game’s universe even better. Bungie may have more events like this in the future, and with the latest events, it looks like they are testing the waters for this. Be sure to tell your friends about this article, as it helps us in creating even better content for you.

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