Tips and Tricks or How to Get Atomic Camo in COD Vanguard Faster

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Know Your Enemy

You know how it works, you casually enjoy the latest part of Call of Duty, and then you start to notice that everyone has got their hands on top-tier camouflage. And here you are sitting there and asking yourself: “how do people already have Atomic Camo”?

Worry not; following our ultimate list of unlocking Atomic Camo tips will help you survive the struggle.

Traditionally for the CoD series, players need to unlock the Gold and Diamond camouflage first in order to get to the Atomic one. Below we have listed many helpful pieces of advice you need to know about the fastest way to get Atomic Camo in CoD: Vanguard.

However, before you can even think about getting that glowy colorful weapon skin, you should acquire Gold camo, which requires unlocking 100 other camos for primary weapons. Then, there is a Diamond one, which obliges you to do that for every weapon class.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Obviously, only the most diligent and persistent players will be able to answer the question, “how long does it take to get the Atomic Camo”.

Since there are 38 weapons to complete camo challenges for, as of today, chasing the Atomic Camo in Call of Duty: Vanguard requires a tremendous amount of patience.

Eventually, you will learn how to unlock Atomic Camo in Vanguard after reading this section. These are the rarest camouflages that you can acquire in the game. You know the drill; the way to unlock Atomic Camo remains the same.

Choose your weapon wisely

Focus on getting camo for weapon classes consisting of several different guns, like Assault Rifles and SMGs, as they have significantly more weapons within the category in comparison to other weapon types.

Equip a launcher in the secondary slot while leveling up your primary weapon. This will allow you to slowly increase launchers kill count, alongside unlocking camo for all the primary weapons in Vanguard.

As for the pistols, we recommend using them on close range maps in hardcore mode only. Build your handgun focusing on hip-fire accuracy and sprint-to-fire speed, then just run and gun hip-firing it. If you’re using the burst barrel, your best shot is ADS speed with max recoil control. Note that Ratt and Klauser pistols don’t have an akimbo perk, so try to get rid of them first.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight

Try to use different map features to your advantage. To put it simply, grinding longshots with a sniper rifle on tiny maps like Shipment could be a waste of time. Instead, you might try to pop an enemy head with the 3-Line rifle on Demyansk or Gavutu. Vice versa, places like Das Haus or the Shipment, as mentioned earlier, is a perfect match for close-quarter engagement while carrying shotguns and SMGs.

Speaking of long-range shots, it is pretty helpful to know the distance you need to fire from. We got you covered this time; the exact long shot ranges for all weapons are following:

Another ultimate pro-tip is quite apparent when you think of it, but not everyone is paying attention to it. You need to complete several challenges simultaneously. It means that, for example, while farming eliminations with specific attachments, you can just as simply pass any other type of elimination trial. Be it multi-kills, kills without dying or any different challenge.

We hope that after following our unlocking Atomic Camo guide, completing weapons camo mastery challenges will be much faster.

“How to unlock Atomic Camo” FAQ

Is it possible to unlock Atomic Camo playing Zombies mode?

Unfortunately, no. Zombies mode has its own weapon camouflage sets; that is why all your efforts within this mode will go towards unlocking Dark Aether camo.

Can I purchase an Atomic Camo blueprint?

Again, no. Weapon mastery camouflage is unlockable only by completing particular in-game challenges.

Is it safe to use glitches/unlockers to get Atomic Camo fast?

First, obviously, all use of cheat software is strictly prohibited, so you might find your account permanently banned. Second, all known glitches allowing the unlocking of Atomic Camo quickly were fixed by developers.

Can you guys give me some advice on how to unlock Atomic Camo fast, please?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! WowVendor’s pro players will get you Atomic Camouflage in no time, saving your time and keeping you away from the tedious grinding.

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