The best KG M40 loadout in Call of Duty: Vanguard

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Since CoD Vanguard has been out for some time, we’ve had a lot of time to experience its multiplayer. That is why we can share with you our personal best loadouts for Call of Duty Vanguard.

Now we have something special for you – one of the best new CoD loadouts for KG M40 Assault Rifle, added to Vanguard with Season 2 Battle Pass. The real-life prototype behind its in-game copy is the Swedish Kg m/40 automatic rifle. The weapon was designed to fulfill the needs of the Swedish Army in the 1940s.

KG M40 Assault Rifle Vanguard Loadout.

And finally, one of the best new CoD loadouts. The KG M40 is the next weapon up on deck here. Added with Season 2 also, it’s effortless to control, pretty mobile for a rifle, so the KG M40 is a great option right now. The list of recommended attachments is following:

This KG M40 class is built around the max accuracy at the medium range. So we advise you to equip the F8 Stabilizer, Krausnick 700mm 01V barrel, and M1941 Hand Stop to lower the weapon’s accuracy to acceptable levels and lighten the recoil control.

The VDD 22G Padded stock is a way to balance things up and increase sprint-to-fire speed. Then, pick the .30-06 50 Round Drum and Lengthened ammo for enhancing KG M40 effective range, muzzle velocity, and damage. In addition, the 50 Round Drum is helpful in terms of reloading time.

As you already know, Fabric Grip improves the accuracy of initial shots while sacrificing ADS speed. Next, the Tight Grip proficiency makes your gun accurate the longer you hold the trigger. The optic slot is not a topic for discussion here, and the Fully Loaded kit.

Perks and Equipment for KG M40 Class

The same story with the Ghost perk here: it hides you from UAVs and the enemy radars. Forward Intel allows you to see the opposite team spawn points. And the extra movement speed is granted by the Lightweight perk.

The Sticky Bomb, unlocked at Tier 39 of the Season 2 Battle Pass, will be something like semtex from the previous Call of Duty games. So, why not? And the Stim is a perfect choice for a professional.

Of course, you can switch any attachments and perks back and forth to suit your playstyle. We hope that our list of best weapon loadouts for CoD Vanguard will help improve your gaming experience.

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